Irina is a Spiritual Awareness/Wealth Consciousness Mentor and a best-selling Author with more than 20 years of speaking experience, who appeared in front of different audiences from 10 to 600 people.

My speaking reel

Irina Is Speaking in Miami, FL. Irina is introduced by a Pitt Bull of Professional Development™ and TV personality Larry Winget

Dr. Lewis Heller, President of Arizona Society of Professional Hypnotists, endorses Irina’s speaking.

Vanessa Bruce, President of the National Association of Professional Women, endorses Irina’s speaking.

Health and Fitness Coach Kyna Rosen on Irina’s speaking in Phoenix, AZ


I love Irina’s speaking style. She is so funny, and she really keeps her audience engaged. She knows how to tell a story, and she shares her experiences rather than just speaking “at” her audience. I would highly recommend Irina as a speaker.

Lisa Rehurek

Vision-to-Results Action Mentor, Phoenix, Arizona