Past Life Regression

Benefits of the Past Life Regressions My Clients Have Experienced

  • Physical pain disappeared
  • Dormant talent opened up
  • Relationships improved
  • Forgiveness was achieved
  • Difficult situation in the present life was understood and improved
  • Karmic lesson was completed
  • Emotional issues were healed
  • Origin of a specific fear was uncovered, and the phobia was released
  • Unwanted relationship was resolved easily and amicably
  • Grieving was relieved
  • Present life questions were answered
  • Attached earth bound spirits were released
  • Curiosity about previous existence was satisfied
  • Fear of death disappeared
  • Accessed critical knowledge that is helpful in the current life
  • Met a partner soon after the session
  • Learned who they are
  • And more…

"Just finished a past life regression with Irina. What an eye-opening and enlightening experience. I felt emotions flooding through me as if I was there again, but answers to some life-long questions were answered. It was the best dollar I ever spent. Well worth every cent for a knowing that is priceless. Really looking forward to the life between life session. Thank you Irina.”

Ray F.

newton institute

Irina is trained and certified by The Newton Institute (TNI).

Life Between Lives™ Hypnotherapy (LBL™)

Benefits of the Life Between Lives Regression My Clients Have Experienced

  • Experience yourself as your own soul
  • Connect with your spirit guide
  • Receive answers to your questions
  • Have a reunion with your soul group
  • Meet with your soul mate
  • Give your energy a rejuvenating boost
  • Find out how you chose your physical body
  • Discover if you are a hybrid soul
  • Meet with your loved ones: both passed or living
  • Become empowered
  • Discover your life mission and get guidance on how to start living it.
  • Obtain a new outlook at your earthly life
  • Revitalize your connection with Divine
  • Receive spiritual guidance

"My LBL session with Irina was profound! She has a beautifully supportive presence, and I was immediately comfortable with her. She intuitively knew exactly what to ask and when to take me deeper. I feel so connected to her! The insights and wisdom I received during this powerful process continue to amaze me. My LBL session was exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time in my life; a time when I was seeking clarity and meaning. Thank you, Irina, for sharing your amazing gift with me!"

Sherry Nelson, Ph.D.