Level 1: Keys to Freedom: The Mirror™

Restore Your Self-Value + Find Your Radiant Power

5 Keys to Freedom from Deprivation Consciousness

  1. Take down your old masks.
  2. Restore your self-value.
  3. Learn and apply The Mirror System™ to clear your old issues permanently and without going to experts.
  4. Prepare to open the direct channel to the Divine.
  5. Prepare to use your radiant power.
What We Focus On When Working Together on Level 1

✔ Drastically shift your spiritual awareness.

✔ Experience the existence of the Divine and its active presence in your life.

✔ Take down the old masks you are not ever aware of now.

✔ Discover who you truly are beneath all the roles you’ve been assuming throughout eternity.

✔ Discover why you have been born here on earth so many times.

✔ Discover the deep meaning and purpose of your life.

✔ Understand what a Matrix is and how to become a Master of your Matrix instead of being an unaware slave of it.

✔ Restore your true self-value. Get rid of your unworthiness once and for all.

✔ Understand the main lesson of your life so you can finish struggling with it.

✔ Understand your “Pandora Box” and turn it into your advantage.

✔ Learn The Genuine Forgiveness™, which is the power to forgive on the very deep level, permanently.

✔ Know how to find spiritual solutions to every life’s challenge with the help of The Mirror System™.

✔ Find the way out of challenges and misery.

✔ Prepare to discover and confirm your soul purpose.

✔ Prepare to find, claim and use your radiant power.

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