If you have a serious concern or fears in the area of achieving Wealth and Satisfaction the Easy Way™, take the first step below to schedule a complimentary session with Irina to determine where you are, where you want to be and the best way to get there.

“I had the opportunity to have a Discovery Session with Irina. I must say it was very eye opening. I came away with a clear idea of what to do about the issue that has been holding me back to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Irina will keep you honest, don't even think about trying to stray off into political correctness. She demolishes smoke and mirrors faster than you can put them up. If you are truly ready to make the changes and live your life to the fullest potential, then go see Irina. You won't regret it.”

Ronald Tobin


Application for an Awareness Shifting Discovery Session

Please complete the following questionnaire as the first step in preparation for your Awareness Shifting Discovery Session. The questions are designed to help you focus on yourself, your life and business so you can get the most out of your time with Irina. They will also allow Irina to learn about you. Please allow sufficient time to complete the application. If you are qualified, Irina will schedule a Google Hangout session with you.

Please DO NOT provide YAHOO email address. I won't receive your application.

You will also start receiving Irina’s E-zine Become Aware-Remain Awarewith powerful tips on expanding your spiritual awareness.