Case Studies

Case study: Connie Cone reports incredible results after working with Irina for the last 10 months (Levels 1 & 2).

Case study: Frae G. Wittwer discusses her continuing working with Irina on Level 2, even though she has been studying spirituality for the last 65 years.

Case study: Connie Cone reports her amazing results after working with Irina for 3 months (Level 1).

Irina: “We already discussed the finances that they really improved, we discussed the relationshipsimproved, and occupational side - the sole mission part – improved!”

Irina: What is it that made you seek my service?

Connie: “I had a lot of fears that were overlapping everything in my life and making my decisions very difficult because I was afraid of either success or failure, whichever direction I was going, and as a result it was affecting relationships, it was affecting work. Then my finances became part of that, and I need someone to guide me through that.”

Irina: You mentioned that you were stuck, could you elaborate more on that?

Connie: “I tried different route to change my thinking, I had a gratitude journal, I watched any TV show that was focused on spirituality or emotional growth and read books. But many times I would start the process of reading the book, and it would get too hard, and I would take a break and wouldn’t go back to it. So I wasn’t completing the work, and I needed someone to work me through that, and help me see what was blocking my path, and you were that person.”

Irina: Numbers don’t lie!

On the scale from 1 – 10, we have completed it twice, you moved as from before it was number 1,2 and 3 on my scale, you indicated now that you have progressed to 8,9 and 10, that’s quite impressive!

Connie: “I have cleared at least 70% of those fears over a period of 3 months.” (long-standing fears since childhood!)

Connie: And during our sessions, I learnt to understand why I do things that way and beware of when those triggers came up, kind of step back and observed them and see that it was [melodrama] over situations that many times don’t even exist and once I saw that I was able to address it very quickly and move forward and it made a huge difference in my everyday life.

A company owed me money and it was a huge amount.

I was ready to give up!

Connie: “Well interestingly from the financial perspective, I started noticing changes within the first two weeks, but I didn’t see the connection until it started growing. For instance, I had a money situation that had been going on for six months where a company owed me money, and was not saying that they owed it to me, they were claiming innocence about it. I knew they owed it to me. It was a huge amount. And I kept pursuing it, but I wasn’t getting anywhere.

And finally, I took a different path and within 48hrs, it was resolved! And I was at the point where I was almost ready to give up. But somehow in the course of our talking and my realizing that I had the power to make that change, I just needed to pursue it in a different way by gaining the confidence to move forward with it. And it was resolved. So that was that.”


Irina: “Not only confidence but also the How. How do you approach the situation because if you have been doing it the same way before and there was no resolve, then we would learn specific ways of how to address situations even though it’s a minor situation, we address it spiritually through the spiritual insight about the situation and taking specific steps. So that would help you to resolve it so nicely and to your great benefit.”

An unpleasant job situation and a soul purpose

Connie: They gave me a raise, which was unexpected. I finally had the confidence and the strength to say, “I’m done. Thank you very much.” And I walked away from it. And so when we discussed it, and I wrote it down what I was meant to do, I knew it right away because it had been there all along, I just talked myself out of it. So now I have a new perspective and a new enthusiasm for it, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

No more fear-based decisions

Connie: And I could never go back to what I did before on any level because I now know why I was doing it. And to create an environment where you are not happy and you are doing it for the wrong reasons makes no sense to me anymore.

Relationships have also improved

Connie: Relationships have also improved because what I learned was that in many situations, probably in all situations, if I’m not happy with something that’s going on in a relationship, I have to look within not at the other person. And that was a really hard thing to accept and understand. But once I saw that, I started being very observant of my behavior and what I needed to do to change to improve relationships, and I have seen changes immediately. And it just gets better every day.

Irina’s mentoring approach:

I’m not sure I could have done it with someone else.

Connie: I would just say that for me, and maybe for most people in any kind of relationship where you are working with a mentor or guide and it is difficult to look at your own issues. For me personally to have someone call me out when I’m not been truthful with myself or pointing out things about me that I needed to look at, I would always get defensive and I would dig my heels in and I would sort of turn the blind eye to whatever has been shared with me.

You have a way of making us look at issues in a calm and peaceful environment. And I could do that, it was easier for me to look at things that needed to be addressed because of the way you approached it and your patience and your guidance, so I thank you for that because I’m not sure I could have done it with someone else.

Irina: You expressed that you would like to continue working with me. Why would that be the case?

Connie: I’m at a point where I know I have attained a certain level. I know there is more to do for me. There is more growth, opportunities, and I think in my future endeavors, your guidance would see me through to the finish line, I have a strong feeling about that.