Case Studies

Case study: Connie Cone reports incredible results after working with Irina for the last 10 months (Levels 1 & 2).

Case study Stacy Aronica Levels 1 & 2: “The change of me as a woman is like “night and day”! I’ve come into my woman power.”

This is the written testimonial, not the transcript of the case study.

Before I met Irina, I have already been on the spiritual path for some time. However, I was frustrated working with others. I felt I had to do all this physical work now, and it was overwhelming. I would still feel empty, like a hamster on a wheel. That’s how I felt before: endless cycle of doing physical work and struggling.

I had questions and desires. Working with Irina, my questions are answered and my desires are fulfilled. Irina is teaching a practical spiritual way of living in the world. I came to Irina by referral, and I had very high expectations already. But the results I had gotten were beyond what I had expected. My spiritual awareness shifted drastically. I feel like I can conquer the world.

Spiritual Self-Awareness:

Before: I was wearing many masks I was completely unaware of. I had no idea how angry I was. I was a victim and unworthy, but I had no idea. I was unaware on the spiritual level. I would get stuck and didn’t have awareness of what to do. I was only aware of my physical body.

Now: I’ve released a victim, unworthiness and anger on many levels. Now everything has a spiritual meaning. I am able to move through any situation with a lightning speed. I view myself as a spiritual being. Everything is shifting so much faster now than any time before.

The needs of my physical body changed, and my physical body is greatly influenced by my spiritual side. I love food. Before I would always be hungry and angry. Now I started eating less because Spirit feeds me.

Connection to Divine.

Before: I felt lonely and disconnected. No relationship with God, separated. I didn’t know how to create the connection. I only knew conditional love. Now: Many negative feelings have been replaced with peace, trust, faith and joy. If I have a negative feeling, I let go of it so fast. I remember thinking I wish I were able to tap into feeling of joy, peace, serenity. But I didn’t know how to do it. Now I know how to connect with Spirit and feel peace and joy. I don’t feel lonely and separated anymore.


Before: I felt that people would always leave me. I would attract people who would use me, manipulate me and bring drama into my life.

Now: It doesn’t happen anymore. Old stuff is falling out to bring new stuff in. Because of internal shifts, awareness and growth, certain things don’t manifest in my life anymore. Higher quality, higher awareness people entered my life. People share their love with me. They like what I project (peace and love) and many have expressed it. I am able to share at a higher level automatically.

As a woman:

The change is like “night and day”! I’ve come into my woman power.

Before: As a woman I used to be abused, used, angry, misunderstood. I had many internal issues of identity. Men would only perceived me in a sexual way. Women would generally perceive me as a sweet person who is weak. Everything was physical.

I didn’t know who I am. I handled everything through the physical actions, always turning to the physical world for answers. I had no relationship with God and didn’t know my purpose. I was lost, didn’t know what I wanted and where to get what I wanted. Unworthy, lost, disconnected, very powerless, very angry and bitter. Always looking for love outside and couldn’t find it. I was exhausted mentally, emotionally, searching for answers, like on the Internet: “loading, loading, loading.”

Now I am aware of my true identity and my purpose. I am not weak anymore. People now perceive me as a person they can link up with. I am finding that more people want to connect with me for a higher reason. They are seeing my light more. I project myself on the spiritual level. As a woman I know who I am.

How Irina is different from other mentors:

As I mentioned before, I have been on the spiritual path for some time before Irina. I was learning, but it was all MENTAL. There was nothing that brought me to my core through a breakthrough. I felt temporary satisfaction, but onto the next, next, next. I was sick and tired to be “sick and tired.”

Only with Irina I was able to get a breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. The difference was a feeling. With other mentors it was all MENTAL. With Irina it is all on the deep spiritual level, FEELING. This is more than “I will meditate,” “I will go to church on Sunday,” “I will go to a spiritual retreat in India.” It’s breaking off patterns we’ve been conditioned from our past lives.

The difference between Irina and other mentors is that other mentors are not getting to the spiritual root. NLP, therapy, etc. operate on the mental level. But we are spiritual! Our mind is a tool. We are NOT our mind. We HAVE a mind. We cannot live in the mind. Other mentors work on the MIND LEVEL only.

But foundation of everything is the SPIRIT. With Irina we go immediately from the situation itself to the spiritual awareness. We are not working on the mind. We work on the spiritual. The breakthrough is spiritual and growth is fast. Other mentors will never get to the core fast, or it will take forever. They don’t operate on the spiritual level. Where other mentors end, we start with Irina.

Before I didn’t know how to work in my spirit, how to operate, how to manifest in my spirit.


Before: I was a slave to money, meaning I was serving to the physical world to get money. I would only believe in hard work or being a “slave” to someone who had money. I was insecure of money, uncertain of the future in regards to money. I believed that life was hard and a struggle. Money was limited, conditioned on the external things.

Now: I have a belief that the Universe provides. Since the day I started working with Irina (January 2016), it’s been proven to me over and over that God provides.

I quit my job, and I haven’t worked for any person since.

I didn’t have to get back to the job.

In fact, while working with Irina, I had to focus on my spiritual healing so I didn’t work hard at all.

I’ve been able to travel several times, including to an exotic destination.

I own my beautiful home, and I pay my mortgage regularly.

I continue working with Irina (investing in myself).

I get my nails done every 2 weeks.

I buy organic food.

I get my hair and expensive facial treatments done regularly.

I even called a house keeper several times to clean my house.

I got an expensive Michael Corps purse.

My dog is my baby, and when she got very sick, while I was travelling, I made a commitment to have my dog on expensive raw food. It happened 7 months ago, and money would always come.

Now I don’t have to get money through hard work anymore. God is “God of more than enough.” I know I have more than enough. I know who I am. I don’t have to struggle and work hard.

Right people and opportunities have been coming so I can receive. Because of my new awareness, I recognize the opportunity and I go with the flow. I’ve learned spiritual responsibility and maturity to discern the energy. I have trust and faith, spiritual maturity and certainty.

It’s not the money, it’s the internal belief in wealth and abundance. Physical money is the external manifestation of the internal belief.

Now I have financial freedom. In my opinion, financial freedom is “having more than the amount we need.”

I had to trust and have faith that I would continue to receive. Now I know that money is unlimited. I am surrounded by abundance. I just have to trust. I am aware I am free.

How Irina is different from other mentors when teaching about money:

Many mentors teach us to take physical, external actions to make money. They teach us physical ways and opportunities, but they don’t teach us that we already have this financial freedom. We are free! Nothing in my physical world changed, but I am free! I am a living testimony to this! You just have to change your consciousness. You have to do spiritual work. You must feel. And it’s hard.

Irina is going internally. She teaches you through yourself. Her way is much more credible! The true teacher helps students by believing that it is about them, not the teacher.

The cost of not working with Irina:

If I didn’t work with Irina,

  1. I would have gone back to work.
  2. I would continue being a slave to money, working hard for it.
  3. I would still believe in struggle, hard work.
  4. I would continue feeling lonely and disconnected.
  5. I would still be in victim-abuser relationships because of my anger and unworthiness.
  6. I would spend tons of money on seminars. I would spend the same amount of money looking for knowledge. I would be spinning my wheels. I wouldn’t move forward.
  7. Eventually, I would get physically sick because of my internal anger, bitterness and unforgiveness.
  8. I would attract same negative people and drama into my life as before.
  9. I would behave as a victim without realizing it.
  10. I wouldn’t have my acute spiritual awareness, and I would still look for answers only in the physical world.
  11. I would rely on physical actions ONLY, trying to solve my negative situations.
  12. I would have no clue about multiple masks I was wearing.
  13. I wouldn’t experience deep spiritual connection with Divine and feel true peace and joy.

You cannot put a price tag on your strong sense of identity, your soul purpose, feeling of true peace and joy, going through life with spiritual awareness. You must have a spiritual mentor. Working through your issues takes time. You must give yourself time.

With Irina, we were training with training wheels. We got into Irina’s system and tools immediately and practiced them in real life situations over and over until I could do it on my own. It’s not overnight. It takes time. And it’s the only way – to go through your spirit!

We were training self-awareness and connection. We were doing the release work, and we practiced and practiced until the system and the tools became my own.

Why do you continue working with Irina?

I’ve gotten solid results, why wouldn’t I? It’s the compound effect of combining your logic with spiritual awareness. The more I do it, the more I grow and the more I manifest. I’ve been with Irina for 18 months already – I’ve been able to accomplish, feel and grow! Another 18 months would double, triple, quadruple the results. This is how it works.

You would continue if you were getting such results too!

Why do you recommend Irina?

I highly recommend Irina because her process is different from what I have ever seen or tried, and it’s given me the results I was looking for. We get answers on how to get our desires. It’s discovering that we already have the answers and awareness, but we had to get there and be aware and practice it.

Stacy Aronica

Case study Melissa Valdellion Level 1: “On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 is the highest), I changed from 1 to 9 in a short 3 months!”

This is the written testimonial, not the transcript of the case study.

There were a lot of stories/masks -- I had no idea they even existed -- that were so ingrained in my subconscious and affecting every area of my life negatively. Since starting to address those, I am freer to be me, even as I learn what that actually means, to be me. I gave myself permission to feel emotions hidden behind the masks, and in feeling those, I can finally let go of those longstanding stories and masks and truly feel freedom to be and feel.

Irina’s system:

My self-awareness has drastically changed. I am confident that I can approach every situation that comes my way and apply Irina’s system to solve them. Life in general is easier with knowledge, understanding, and self-awareness. Her system put me back in control so that I can take responsibility for what comes my way, change what I can, and even perceive things differently now as opposed to when I felt or believed like I was a victim.

  1. Lifetime contracts have changed
  2. I notice the mirror, and it helps me make good spiritual choices.
  3. I started recognizing my internal power.
  4. I started feeling happier.
  5. I have embodied the knowing that I am a child of God.
  6. Now I know that I have a power of choice.
  7. I have continued and deepened my communication with the world through learning about signs.

Change in money:

I got promoted at work, with increased pay.

Paying debts doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore. It just felt impossible to get any noticeable headway before, where now it feels easier and possible.
Before, I was attacking money with my head. Now I can breathe easier, knowing anything is possible. And I can pay off my debts with grace and ease and not stress about it. In the time I worked with Irina, I was able to pay off the investment for the program, pay for my Disney Cruise vacation, and paid off an additional $2000 from my credit card statement in addition to my regular monthly payments.

At the same time as above, I finished paying off my car without penalty.

Physical changes:

I am breathing a lot easier just in general.
My neck tension has eased.
I just returned from my Disney Cruise vacation. Unlike vacations in the past, this vacation was more relaxed.
I am becoming more aware of what I am eating or taking in in general from outside of me from foods to chemicals to noise, etc. I am more in tune with my body and am committing myself to listening to my body more now. “Body you win. I will listen to you more from now on.”

Change in the connection with the Divine:

My connection with the Divine is not so one-sided anymore, where before I prayed, cried out, asked, and felt like I wouldn’t get any direct feedback or anything at all. The connection has since gotten a lot better since working with Irina these past three months! I am being more aware. I can understand signs better, and it gives me a better understanding of myself. My awareness and understanding has shifted. Before, I was focused on trying to connect on the outside, and now I realize that I can connect inside. It’s easier and different. I don’t know how else to explain it except that this mental shift in awareness makes the whole process. Before, I would be looking for answers outside, and now I look for answers inside. The Divine connects with me better. I feel like I am more open to receiving answers and info than I was before. I am not so blind to said answers.

Change in Intuition:

On the scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 is the Highest), my intuition increased from 1 to 8.
It increased because I am more open to it.

Change in relationships:

I have achieved easier communication.
I am not as easily frustrated. That feels a lot better. There are still difficulties, but the energy around my relationships has gotten better in general.

Change about the church:

For the first time in a while, I went to the church and I wasn’t angry. Before, I was miserable going there. I felt angry and frustrated, not understanding the contradictory messages there. It was a duty to go for family. Now, I am OK with going to church because I am reaching acceptance. And I now know that I have a choice to continue or stop going to the church. It will be my decision, rather than an obligation.

Change about the work:

I am not as angry at work in general. I have accepted that it’s here to support me. I used to be victimized by my work but now have acceptance and understanding, and I know I have power to make a choice when I am ready. I am more relaxed at work too.


I came to understand better my dad’s life and his death. I can begin my morning process that I had never allowed myself for the last seven years!

Recommending Irina:

A couple weeks before contacting Irina, I had decided that I wanted and needed a new mentor as I was feeling stuck where I was, especially financially at the time. And even though she came up at the exact right time, I was still skeptical in our first session. I went in with no expectations but was holding onto the intention that I get help with whatever I needed help on. That skepticism continued for a couple of sessions and then grew even more when I emotionally confronted my anger, fear, and sadness and couldn’t seem to find my way out of that for a long time. Why I kept going, I don’t know, but I just knew I had to get through to the other side. So while the majority of those three months were not the most pleasant (all the emotional and energetic work was spilling over and giving me a poor view on the rest of the world around me), by the time the three months ended, I could finally recognize all accomplishments gained thus far. Yes, it was work. Yes, it took dedication. No, I didn’t always know where we were going with our conversations or work, but I kept just enough faith and trust to see it through and realize that so much has changed as a result. I know without a doubt that I wouldn’t have come so far on my own as quickly without her help and guidance. If you are someone who is looking for someone to hold space for your transformation, guide you, push you (for your own good!), and help you with your emotional and energetic healing, Irina is definitely a person to go to and work with.

Melissa Valdellion
Doctor of Optometry

Case study Archana Nath Level 1: “I used to feel insignificant and insecure. On the scale from 0 to 10 I’ve changed from 0 to 12! I am seen now!”

This is the written testimonial, not the transcript of the case study.

When I reached out to Irina, I felt like my life was rubbish. I was stuck financially, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t know what to do, and I needed to heal inside to create a better life. I believed that Divine would present me with the right spiritual mentor so I went out searching. Sure enough, very soon I found Irina Baker.

The level of change:

When we started working together, on the scale of 0 to 10, I was at the zero point generally in my life. In 3 short months, I have changed from 0 to 8!

I used to feel insignificant and insecure. On the scale from 0 to 10, 0 being the worst, when Irina and I started, I was at 0. I told Irina that I wanted to be recognized and noticed because I felt invisible.

I no longer feel insignificant and insecure. On this scale, I’ve changed from 0 to 12!

The moment I’ve returned to work, I’ve received a very nice warm welcome, and people still come to me, and I feel very supported. I am seen now! I started feeling for the first time that my corporation has a heart!


I am definitely a new person. For the last 17 years I was creating financial debt. Now I am on the path of creating financial security. I became aware what caused my debt.

My urges to spend decreased. I stop myself before I take a destructive action.

When I was bored, I used to go shopping and would always buy a big item, such as a cardigan. Now, I just enjoy looking and buy something small, such as some chocolate.

Self-worth and career:

I was able to slow down and appreciate flowers.

In the past, I always felt “not productive enough.” I felt that I never had enough of degrees and qualifications. I needed to prove myself to the world and to my Indian society. And now I don’t feel the need. Now I say, “I am enough! I choose to read a book just for pleasure, not because it gives me additional qualification.

Normally, in the past, when there is a chance, I would be rushing for a team leader position, and now I am not applying. I don’t have a drive for it anymore.

I even started thinking about changing my career. Before I met Irina, I wanted a “high-flying” corporate career, climbing the ladder. Now I want a satisfying job away from the corporate world, working more with people.

Irina’s system and tools:

Before I was a big-time victim, and now I know I create my own life. I understood how to create on the emotional level. I got Irina’s system and tools to understand myself and handle everything that happens. I know I started creating a better life. I am connected to the Divine.

If I didn’t work with Irina,

In the past, I spent the last 17 years being very angry, and as a result, I got a stroke. If I didn’t work with Irina, I would continue being angry at a specific past event that happened 17 years ago. In addition, I would be very angry about my stroke and my sister’s death.

If I didn’t work with Irina, I would have gone into more debt, into more victim mentality, and I wouldn’t cope with my stroke as well as I have.

Working with Irina

Helped me take my eyes off from “poor me” mentality to see the bigger picture and learn Irina’s system. What’s very important for me is that working with Irina gave me strength to overcome my stroke. I don’t feel anger. I don’t feel the need for anger! And I am consciously making an effort not to hold onto anger anymore.

Instead, I achieved understanding and acceptance. Gratitude and forgiveness are huge now for me.

I feel deep appreciation.

I am thanking Universe all the time. Gratitude has been massive. I FEEL it, instead of it being a mental exercise.

There is a river in our town. In the past, even though I always felt connected to the river, I was always impatient. There was always an urge to walk away, to be constantly on the move. And now I just sit there and feel serene. I feel like the world comes off my shoulders, that the world is OK place, and I feel I can handle life.

The stroke:

After I had found Irina, I experienced a stroke; and Irina and I started working right after my stroke had occurred.

Because of my work with Irina, I consider my stroke a spiritual blessing. I’ve healed better from all the work we have done. Irina and her other clients were praying for me, and I know their prayers really worked. Severity didn’t hit me as it did other people.

Irina pulls the veil from your eyes and shows your inner truth: inner fears and insecurities. It’s up to you to accept it or fight it. If you fight it, you achieve nothing. If you accept it, you’ll be more advanced human being with a much higher vibration. I definitely know and feel that my vibration has risen.

I think you should work with Irina to progress your life and become an advanced human being.

Archana Nath, MBA

Case study: Frae G. Wittwer discusses her continuing working with Irina on Level 2, even though she has been studying spirituality for the last 65 years.

Case study: Connie Cone reports her amazing results after working with Irina for 3 months (Level 1).

Irina: “We already discussed the finances that they really improved, we discussed the relationshipsimproved, and occupational side - the sole mission part – improved!”

Irina: What is it that made you seek my service?

Connie: “I had a lot of fears that were overlapping everything in my life and making my decisions very difficult because I was afraid of either success or failure, whichever direction I was going, and as a result it was affecting relationships, it was affecting work. Then my finances became part of that, and I need someone to guide me through that.”

Irina: You mentioned that you were stuck, could you elaborate more on that?

Connie: “I tried different route to change my thinking, I had a gratitude journal, I watched any TV show that was focused on spirituality or emotional growth and read books. But many times I would start the process of reading the book, and it would get too hard, and I would take a break and wouldn’t go back to it. So I wasn’t completing the work, and I needed someone to work me through that, and help me see what was blocking my path, and you were that person.”

Irina: Numbers don’t lie!

On the scale from 1 – 10, we have completed it twice, you moved as from before it was number 1,2 and 3 on my scale, you indicated now that you have progressed to 8,9 and 10, that’s quite impressive!

Connie: “I have cleared at least 70% of those fears over a period of 3 months.” (long-standing fears since childhood!)

Connie: And during our sessions, I learnt to understand why I do things that way and beware of when those triggers came up, kind of step back and observed them and see that it was [melodrama] over situations that many times don’t even exist and once I saw that I was able to address it very quickly and move forward and it made a huge difference in my everyday life.

A company owed me money and it was a huge amount.

I was ready to give up!

Connie: “Well interestingly from the financial perspective, I started noticing changes within the first two weeks, but I didn’t see the connection until it started growing. For instance, I had a money situation that had been going on for six months where a company owed me money, and was not saying that they owed it to me, they were claiming innocence about it. I knew they owed it to me. It was a huge amount. And I kept pursuing it, but I wasn’t getting anywhere.

And finally, I took a different path and within 48hrs, it was resolved! And I was at the point where I was almost ready to give up. But somehow in the course of our talking and my realizing that I had the power to make that change, I just needed to pursue it in a different way by gaining the confidence to move forward with it. And it was resolved. So that was that.”


Irina: “Not only confidence but also the How. How do you approach the situation because if you have been doing it the same way before and there was no resolve, then we would learn specific ways of how to address situations even though it’s a minor situation, we address it spiritually through the spiritual insight about the situation and taking specific steps. So that would help you to resolve it so nicely and to your great benefit.”

An unpleasant job situation and a soul purpose

Connie: They gave me a raise, which was unexpected. I finally had the confidence and the strength to say, “I’m done. Thank you very much.” And I walked away from it. And so when we discussed it, and I wrote it down what I was meant to do, I knew it right away because it had been there all along, I just talked myself out of it. So now I have a new perspective and a new enthusiasm for it, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

No more fear-based decisions

Connie: And I could never go back to what I did before on any level because I now know why I was doing it. And to create an environment where you are not happy and you are doing it for the wrong reasons makes no sense to me anymore.

Relationships have also improved

Connie: Relationships have also improved because what I learned was that in many situations, probably in all situations, if I’m not happy with something that’s going on in a relationship, I have to look within not at the other person. And that was a really hard thing to accept and understand. But once I saw that, I started being very observant of my behavior and what I needed to do to change to improve relationships, and I have seen changes immediately. And it just gets better every day.

Irina’s mentoring approach:

I’m not sure I could have done it with someone else.

Connie: I would just say that for me, and maybe for most people in any kind of relationship where you are working with a mentor or guide and it is difficult to look at your own issues. For me personally to have someone call me out when I’m not been truthful with myself or pointing out things about me that I needed to look at, I would always get defensive and I would dig my heels in and I would sort of turn the blind eye to whatever has been shared with me.

You have a way of making us look at issues in a calm and peaceful environment. And I could do that, it was easier for me to look at things that needed to be addressed because of the way you approached it and your patience and your guidance, so I thank you for that because I’m not sure I could have done it with someone else.

Irina: You expressed that you would like to continue working with me. Why would that be the case?

Connie: I’m at a point where I know I have attained a certain level. I know there is more to do for me. There is more growth, opportunities, and I think in my future endeavors, your guidance would see me through to the finish line, I have a strong feeling about that.

Case study with Irina’s Happy Client Stephanie Fraysur.

Irina interviews her happy client Maria Serbina, M. Eng., MBA about deep fear in business and personal life.

Irina interviews her happy client Biljana Karamehmedovic, CNHP, CHNP, AHI, Naturorthopathic Doctor (Not naturopathic) on the importance of discovering and/or confirming one's life mission.