walking on glass

walking on glass

I was born and raised in the former Soviet Union. I had big dreams and believed that everything was possible for me. I had ambition to achieve in this world and a strong drive and discipline to study and work hard for my success. I read a lot and travelled all over the Soviet Union, while studying at two State Universities.

Yet, gradually I started noticing that something in the cycle of chasing my goals was not working. I began feeling more and more like a hamster on a treadmill: running, running into nowhere. I tried and tried.The result was a never-ending “run” and constant dissatisfaction. The feeling of discontent and the belief that with the next goal I would definitely find my happiness kept me going.

Incidentally, I didn’t pray, and I didn’t rely on God to provide for me, I didn’t actually know about God, except that “religion is opium for the masses,” a famous quote from Lenin, a founder of the Communist regime. At a university, we were learning that the physical was important and the spiritual was not.

I also remember constant feeling of fear. No matter where I would go, fear would accompany me. I smelled fear, I lived fear and I tasted fear. In other words, fear was “normal” to me. Even though my mother was a well-respected and well known medical doctor, we didn’t have much money.

Later, my mother kept reminding me how one day I told her that my dream was simple: I wanted to go to a store and buy anything I wanted without thinking much about. I couldn’t do this simple thing because there was never enough money in my wallet. On top of all the rest, I couldn’t find a “true love” no matter how much I was actively searching for it.

All in all, I perceived the Soviet Union as a very dark, gloomy place with a hard life of a day-to-day survival. No wonder my desire to drastically change everything and find my true love was so strong that when I turned 25, my destiny played its role, and I immigrated to America.

The moment my foot stepped on the airport tarmac outside the customs I started feeling an intense and comforting feeling of having arrived home. I felt in love with Florida instantly.

graduation time

graduation time

However, within the first year in America, I started feeling desperate and miserable. Internally, I was going through hell trying to assimilate with a new culture and a new way of life. I didn’t know what to do and how to get rid of my emotional suffering, until one faithful day…

That day in 1996, a 1000 lightbulbs suddenly burst in my head and an incredibly simple yet profound realization hit me like a ton of bricks -- a sensation I had never experienced prior to that day. At that moment I became aware that I was the only one who was totally responsible for all my heavy traumas, problems, general discontent and unhappiness.

There was something inside of me that kept recreating similar painful situations again and again. This understanding was the first conscious spark of my spiritual awareness. Prior to that magical moment, I had no idea that I lived my life as a Victim with a capital V, fighting my way through, surviving in spite of all odds. I played my role quite well.

The destiny “assigned” to me was about hard life, struggle, loneliness, abuse, fear and powerlessness. And the only way to escape such a life was to run away as far as I could, or… so I thought. The new realization was profound. If there was something inside of me that was responsible for all the circumstances surrounding me, then I could surely find this “something” and change it so I could change my entire life.

The next minute I found myself making a heart-felt commitment to find out what was wrong with me. Little did I know how powerful my intent was and how strongly I was determined to learn about myself and change what needed to be changed.

My internal revolution happened in 1996. The results of that revolution and following it 20 years of spiritual healing and growth are very clear today. Now I only have a vague recollection of what my old personality was. When I think about the old me, I feel puzzled, asking myself how I could not see what I see now.

The truth is I wasn’t able to. Like many others, I lived in spiritual ignorance, trying to cope with challenging life events as best as I could, always hoping for a better future. Yet the better future never came. I created an image of a strong woman who knew what she wanted, who was confident, active, talented and bright. And I believed in this image.

At the same time, I was acutely aware that somehow somewhere something was sabotaging all my active efforts to live my life how I wanted to live it. I would experience heavy traumas, find myself in abusive situations and relationships, lived through challenge after challenge, and it seemed there was no end to all these problems and my inner dissatisfaction.

I was trying to control and fight with my life and still believed in my lucky destiny, trying to survive in the challenging and dangerous world. I kept pushing… It took me 20 years to arrive to the time of my life when I know who I truly am and what my soul purpose is. I have found spiritual answers to all my questions and challenges. I have drastically transformed myself and my life circumstances.

If before I was a victim, I am now a woman of power! My old life was hard and gloomy. Now my motto and my new experience is life is easy and full of light. And this motto is reflected in all aspects of my life. I achieved my success in finding my true spiritual power and my prosperity. My success is what the industrialist Andrew Carnegie’s described as: “Success is the power with which to acquire whatever one demands of life without violating the rights of others.”

I continue my spiritual growth and learning, and I truly enjoy my newly found reality. Professionally, I have been on the learning journey all my life, having graduated with 3 Master’s Degrees, including MA in Counseling.

I combine extensive traditional education with holistic studies, having earned more than 20 professional certificates in the field of spiritual studies and hypnosis. And of course, all these years I have been working with clients and students helping them go within and discover who they are and why they were born and what is stopping them from creating life on their terms.

In the process, I have written several books and became a best-selling author. While I was growing my professional expertise and healing personally, my soul purpose became clear to me. I am committed to fulfilling my spiritual legacy of teaching people how to find their way home into as I call it “The Ultimate Wealth™, where they can have both money and satisfaction and enjoy being in a true flow of easy life.

I primarily work with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to achieve extraordinary level of success in business by using spiritual knowledge and principles in their everyday business (and life) routines. Everyone deserves both wealth and deep spiritual satisfaction, and it can only be achieved by bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual. That is what I help people to accomplish.

On the personal note, I enjoy being a mother to my amazing star daughter. I love reading, swimming, playing with dolphins and being around the nature. I am a big fan of Las Vegas spas and pampering myself. I love travelling and staying in luxurious hotels and enjoy my spiritual knowledge as applied to my physical “reality.”

I can finally say with full conviction, “LIFE IS GOOD!” And what’s even more important to me, “LIFE IS EASY!” If you are searching for wealth and deep satisfaction the easy way like I had been searching for many years and you need help to find your easy way, let’s talk!

Fill out the questionnaire and if you are approved, we will schedule a complimentary Google Hangout or phone Awareness Shifting Discovering Session to find out where you are, where you want to be and the best way to get there.