Want More Money? The Real Reason Everyone Wants Money, and What Many Got Backwards


(Part 1 of The Truth About Wealth and Satisfaction the Easy Way™ Series)


Everyone wants more money and everyone promises you tons of money.

It’s often never enough for people no matter how much one makes: a hundred dollars, a few hundred dollars or even millions.

It’s a common normal desire of majority of people to have tons of money.

But what is it that you truly want?

Long time ago, my Russian great grandparents accumulated sacks full of paper money. When the Russian revolution took place, the Bolsheviks changed the national currency.  Those old Russian banknotes became worthless.  My great grandparents used money as a wall paper.

So it’s not the physical money you are after. It’s what the money represents, right?

You want to feel safe.

You want to feel safe in the knowledge that all your bills are paid and all your obligations are met.

You want to feel secure.

You want to feel secure in the knowledge that you are not homeless, you will not lose your possessions, such as your car, your house, etc.

You want to feel free.

First of all, free from the debt slavery.

Second, you want to be free with your time, doing what you want, not being stuck at a job where you don’t belong or not being stuck in a business that doesn’t bring any money and of course, travel when and where you want to.

In other words, freedom means different things to different people, but the common denominator is everyone wants to be free.

You want to feel comfortable.

Comfortable to go to a store, open the wallet and buy what you want without thinking twice about it.

You want to feel pampered.

You want to be able to have things that are considered luxury, such as not only reliable but a luxurious car, a beautiful house and things are not important but enjoyable, for example, we women love spas, where we feel relaxed and pampered.

You want to be independent.

You want to be independent, perhaps, from a stale marriage or a job that you don’t want anymore.  If you don’t make your own money, you don’t need to depend on anyone who restricts you in any way or mistreats you.

These are the important feelings that we all are seeking.  And we think that money can provide these feelings for us.

But the truth is:

  • First, we have to find that feeling of safety and security WITHIN
  • We have to feel free
  • We have to feel comfortable and pampered
  • We have to feel independent.

Then our internal landscape of safety and security will be reflected in our increased cash flow.

So many people got it backward:  They are seeking money to feel safe and secure.

But the money is a mirror reflection of the missing feeling of safety and security inside.

It is your consciousness that is reflected outside in the lack or plenty of money in your life.

No matter how much money you will get, win or make, money will not make you feel safe, secured and pampered if you don’t have these feelings in your internal landscape already. That’s why so many lottery winners go bankrupt or become sick unable to withstand the incredibly powerful vibration that a huge amount of cash brings.

So the only way to increase money in your life is to change your consciousness.

In my next two videos over the next two weeks, I will talk about the two types of consciousness and the only one ingredient that separates one consciousness from the other.

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