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"I have eliminated 95% of my money worries and fears! It’s huge for me!”

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Below is the Connie’s written testimonial. Not a video transcription.

"I started working with Irina as my mentor because I wanted relief from my money fears. As a result, I’ve gotten rid of 95% of my money worries and fears! That’s huge for me!

Among many positive results I have received while working with Irina are the following: I have easily manifested my dream car – Mini Cooper, a large amount of money was released to me that seemed unlikely I’d ever receive, opened my dream business (Connie’s Cookie Jar), made a large purchase for an item that had been postponed due to cost and received a needed service for the exact quote I wanted to pay.

Before my work with Irina, I had been dreaming about some of these major items for many years, and now they have become a reality – EFFORTLESSLY.

I also started spending money without fear and guilt and helped my husband significantly increase his business cash flow without saying a word to him, only by using the spiritual methods that Irina had taught me.

If you are ready to try a new approach and eliminate issues that hold you back, I highly recommend working with Irina. Her intuitive style, as well as the ability to ask the right questions, brings accurate focus on areas that need work. Once that awareness is achieved, using her shared tools is not only effortless, it is soul stirring.”

Connie Cone


“Working with Irina, my questions have been answered and my desires have been fulfilled.”

Below is the Stacy’s short written testimonial. Not a video transcription.

My name is Stacy Aronica and I am here to tell you about my work with Irina Baker.

Before I came to Irina, I have already been on the spiritual path for some time. However, I wasn’t getting results I wanted.

I had questions and desires. Working with Irina, my questions have been answered and my desires have been fulfilled. Irina is teaching a practical spiritual way of living in the world.

I came to Irina by referral, and I had very high expectations already. But the results I had gotten were beyond what I had expected. My spiritual awareness shifted drastically. I feel like I can conquer the world.

Every area of my life has changed:

  1. I liberated myself from being dependent on money to being free.
  2. I shifted my consciousness from physical to spiritual.
  3. I have created a strong connection with the Divine.
  4. My relationships improved.
  5. I’ve come into my woman power. I have learned how I am and what my soul purpose is.
  6. My food cravings disappeared.

Irina is different from other mentors because they work on the mental level and Irina addresses spiritual. With Irina, I had a breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.

Other mentors teach you how to make money the physical way. Irina helps you change your consciousness about money that results in your becoming financially free without having millions in the bank.

I highly recommend Irina. She is fabulous.

Stacy Aronica

See Stacy’s detailed description of her changes on Written Testimonials page.

“On the scale from 1 to 10 (10 is the highest), I changed from 1 to 9 in the short 3 months!”

Below is the Melissa’s short written testimonial. Not a video transcription.

Irina’s system:

My self-awareness has drastically changed. I am confident that I can solve every situation that comes my way by applying Irina’s system.

Change in money:

I got promoted at work, with increased pay.

Paying debts doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. Before it felt impossible, now it feels easier and possible.
Before I was attacking money with my head, and now I can breathe easier, knowing everything is possible. And I can pay off my debts with grace and ease and not stress about it. On top of paying for my Disney Cruise vacation, I paid off additional (on top of regular monthly payments) more than $5,000 just in 3 months.

Physical changes:

I am breathing a lot easier just in general.
My neck tension has eased.

Change in the connection with the Divine:

My connection with the Divine is not one-sided anymore, where I prayed, cried out, asked and wouldn’t get any direct feedback or anything at all. The connection got a lot better! I am being more aware. I can understand signs better, and it gives me a better understanding of myself. It shifted. Before I was focused on trying to connect on the outside, and now I realized that I can connect inside. It’s easier and different. Before I would be looking for answers outside, and now I look for answers inside. The Divine connects with me better. I feel like I am more open to receiving answers and info that I was before. I am not so blind to said answers.

Change in Intuition:

On the scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 is the Highest) my intuition increased from 1 to 8.
It increased because I am more open to it.

Melissa Valdellion
Doctor of Optometry

For Melissa’s detailed results of working with Irina see Written Testimonials page.

“I was at the zero point generally in my life. In 3 short months, I have changed from 0 to 8!”

Below is the Melissa’s short written testimonial. Not a video transcription.

My name is Archana Nath.

When I reached out to Irina, I felt like my life was rubbish. I was stuck financially, emotionally and spiritually. I didn’t know what to do, and I needed to heal inside to create a better life.

When we started working together, on the scale of 0 to 10, I was at the zero point generally in my life. In 3 short months, I have changed from 0 to 8!

All areas of my life have changed for better.

Before I was a big-time victim, and now I know I create my own life. I understood how to create on the emotional level. I got Irina’s system and tools to understand myself and handle everything that happens. I know I started creating a better life. I am connected to the Divine.

If I didn’t work with Irina,

In the past, I spent the last 17 years being very angry, and as a result, I got a stroke. If I didn’t work with Irina, I would continue being angry at a specific past event that happened 17 years ago. In addition, I would be very angry about my stroke and my sister’s death.

If I didn’t work with Irina, I would have gone into more debt, into more victim mentality, and I wouldn’t cope with my stroke as well as I have.

Because of my work with Irina, I consider my stroke a spiritual blessing. I’ve healed better from all the work we have done. Irina and her other clients were praying for me, and I know their prayers really worked. Severity didn’t hit me as it did other people.

I recommend you work with Irina in order to understand yourself, in order to heal yourself, in order to forgive and learn gratitude about life and how good life can be, and it’s all about the emotional level. Thank you.

Archana Nath, MBA
Software Specialist

For more detailed results, please see the full-length testimonial on the Written Testimonials Page.

"I Have a Go-To System of Finding the Solution in any Difficult Situation”

Frae G. Wittwer

“The End Result Is That You Are a Much More Spiritual Person, a Much Happier Person, a Much Calmer Person, and Those Were All The Things I Was Looking For.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

Hi, my name is Connie Cone. I’m a client of Irina Baker, and I want to share a few things about working with her for people out there who are researching a mentor, spiritual guide, someone who will help them through the nuances of any issues they have. And some of the things I came to her with, some of the problems I was facing were fears about many things in general but were affecting a lot of my life decisions. I had some financial concerns, some relationships I wasn’t extremely happy with. And I wanted to have someone walk me through how to resolve this because I had gotten stuck.

The improvement that I saw over time:

Finances: Starting there, I had a lot of large amount of money that was owed me by a company that I had worked for and retired from, and it took about six months of back and forth trying to resolve that. And within a few sessions of working with Irina, I was able to formulate a plan, I went to a news source and within 48 hours, that was resolved, so that was huge for me.

Also, I had a part-time job that I had started, and I have been promoted within the first month, I became a manager. And about the time I thought that that job might have exhausted its learning for me they gave me a raise, so I stuck with it a little bit longer until I realized that my lessons have been learned there, I didn’t need to be there anymore because I truly wasn’t enjoying it and I knew I had better opportunity to do something else, and so I was able to leave there, to quit that job. And I know now that I won’t go back to that type of environment again because I know why I was doing it and that’s huge for me to have that knowing.

Relationships have improved greatly, and we were given a scale of 1 – 10 in different areas that we wanted to improve, different things in our life that we were working on. Relationships had been on the 2s and 3s, and now they are up in the 8s and 9s.

I realized that a lot of the changes had to come from me, and again it was a huge growth experience for me.

My fears at this point I would say they’ve improved 70%. And for someone who has been dealing with those fears from a very young age, and I’m in my 60s now, I knew that needed to be changed because I didn’t want to go through my last however many years that I have living that way. And I can honestly say that I have improved 70%, and it increases every day and I’m a much happier person. Thank you so much.

Anyone who is considering this type of guidance, I highly recommend Irina. She is very patient. She works you through what needs to be worked through, she points out what you need to know even if you don’t want to face it. And the end result is that you are a much more spiritual person, a much happier person, a much calmer person. And those were all the things that I was looking for.

Thank you very much, thank you for listening. Please check out the other things on her website because I know you will have the same experience that I did.

Connie Cone


“In Just 3 Short Months, I Can Think of Several Areas of My Life That Are Completely Transformed.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

My name is Jesse Knight, and I am an intuitive adviser. I’ve been working with Irina for about 3 months now. When I was looking for her -- even if I didn’t know that it was specifically her I was looking for -- I was looking for a mentor who was able to take my entire life to the next level.I needed something different.

I have done some personal development, some intuitive work, some soul searching in the past. I knew I needed something different. There were certain areas of my life that I needed to change. And I found her; I found her website. I had a conversation with her, and I knew immediately she was the one.

She was a mentor who could guide me to the next level. In just 3 short months, I can think of several areas of my life that are completely transformed. The work with her has provided me inspiration. It’s provided me clarity. I’ve cleared out a lot of emotional baggage that I needed to let go of.It’s been -- I think I said “transformational” several times now – but that’s the best word to describe what it has been for me.

I have recommended Irina to several of my friends, to family members because I hope for someone to get the same amazing experience that I’ve gotten, and I am also looking forward to continuing my work with her. She is amazing.

Jesse Knight

Intuitive Advisor

“I Used to Be Motivated by Fear. Now I’m Motivated by Love. It’s Really Just Been Magical: a Change In Who I Am. Pure Anger to Love and Acceptance. ”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

I’m Joshua Hadley. I’m 34 year old, and I have been an entrepreneur for the last 11 years. And I built a company from nothing to Inc.500 in the last 4 years.

Unfortunately I got sick and I’ve spent the last year working from home, trying to maintain the sickness and that was when I came into contact with Irina, and I was searching for all kinds of solutions to my illness. I was searching for all kinds of solutions to my mental issues, to issues with family members, etc.

My energy seemed to resonate with Irina, we seemed to be on the same page, and headed in the same direction in life. And so that’s why I chose to work with her.

I was in a very, very dark place -- as she can testify -- that I was very, very close to death physically and spiritually. And so I have a lot of gratitude towards her and all the works that she does and the commitment that she has for her clients and for their progress.

My number was almost nothing, almost zero from my spiritual standpoint and from my physical standpoint. I was always very, very close to death and fighting with it, and going to the hospital quite a bit.

And I didn’t see how my mental, physical and spiritual things connected very well. I always felt like you could segment those part of your life and work on them one at a time. But I really came to know that’s its very, very different than that. And I would recommend that anyone looking for progress in their life, this has been the most impactful and probably the most accelerating way of progressing my life that I have ever experienced. I have spent tens of thousands dollars on books, seminar, trainings, you name it.

And this to me has been the best money spent because we focus on the things that really matter in life, instead of getting this logical perspective, this fear-based reality that we all seems to be stuck in. I don’t fear anything anymore. I used to have this massive amount of fear around money, around health, around raising children or whatever it was. I was motivated by fear. Now I’m not motivated by fear, I’m motivated by love. And that’s such a much better place to be.

And another benefit: I don’t usually reach out to my neighbors because I’m was so focused on my issues. But the other day my neighbors just moved in, and I ran over there without even thinking about it, and I just introduced myself and got to know them and welcomed them to the neighborhood. And that’s not something I have ever done in my life. I was motivated purely by love, purely to make the word a better place for my neighborhood and for my neighbors.

To me is what this work is all about – making the world a better place for all of us and not just for myself.

One of the greatest things was: Normally, if I’m left with any of my children and my wife goes off with her friends or she goes our for a weekend seminar or something, I’m counting the seconds that she gets back because I’m already stressed out when she is been gone for a couple of hours. And I’m calling her, “OK, when are you going to be home?” Because this is not me, I can’t deal with this. I’m not a raiser of children.

And she took off for a seminar the whole weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I wasn’t really feeling well health wise, but I was feeling very well emotionally and spiritually. And I was able to have the most beautiful time with my children the whole weekend. I didn’t think for one second about when my wife was going to be home. I was just there; we were being together, enjoyed each other, went out and did things together.

And I didn’t worry about anything, there was no fear involved in it like I needed to hurry up to get my wife there so that I could focus on making more money or focusing on cleaning the garage or whatever it was. It was just a beautiful experience being present with my children, and they loved it as well. And it brought us so close together, and now that’s the way it is all the time. It’s a permanent result; it’s not a “OK, it felt good for a moment.”

I have this permanently now in my life. So the fear is gone, and now I can operate in a different way because the fear is no longer controlling me. They are showing more love to me and I to them. So to me, it’s a very beautiful, beautiful experience, and that alone is worth whatever amount of money that I paid to be part of this and the time I had to spend to be part of this.

Just having these relationships to be stronger and better in my life because not only did I not have that until now, I never had that with my parents. And it’s a generational issue that we are breaking the cycle right now.

And to me, that’s something that you cannot put a price on, period. It’s really just been magical, that’s all I can describe it as – a change in who I am. Pure anger to love and acceptance.

I’ve always considered myself a confident person, but it’s a whole new level of confidence. It’s a level of confidence that you don’t have to question. Sometimes you are confident, and you go, “Wait, can I really do that?” or “Wait, is that the way this needs to go?” And you might say things that shouldn’t actually come to pass, won’t actually come to pass. So the confidence has a foundation now that cannot be rocked, it’s a rock solid foundation that I have now as part of my character.

As anyone in business knows, it’s chaotic. And when things are chaos, they can create a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety, and you have to be the eye of the storm when you are a business owner, you have to be not in the chaos, you have to be the one taking the chaos and creating order out of it. And when you are in a fear-based mode or anxiety-based mode, it’s very, very hard to do that.

With the foundation it’s so much easier. Now you can go out and operate business and see things in a way that’s solution-based mindset. Now I’m not focused on the problem or the issue, I’m focused on the solution, only the solution. And I don’t ever fear focusing on the solution. Sometimes you focus on the solution, you feel “I should be spending a little more time worry about this or worrying about that.” You cannot worry about stuff, you have to focus on the solution, and that’s really where the power in business is.

Now I’m vibrating at a higher level, I’m attracting better partners, I’m attracting better opportunities. I don’t feel a need to manipulate or coerce people to do things. I convince by my vibration, easier float. It’s like before I was climbing a mountain, but now I’m floating in a river wherever the water takes me.

Once you get the goal completed or you achieved it, at the end of the rainbow, there is no pot of gold, there is no satisfaction. You just didn’t love yourself at the end of the day. Not loving yourself at the end of the day gave you this empty hole inside of you.

When I started to love and accept myself more, and the vibration increased. Now the satisfaction is there all the time, and I don’t need to be chasing something because of the satisfaction or for the acceptance of myself. I feel accomplished and achieved all the time, and that makes me achieve more.

Some of the greatest business people on this planet now. Before if I tried to force that, these people don’t want to connect with someone who is forcing it. Their vibration is very high and you have to match their vibration or they won’t do business with you.

Instead of doing what most people in business say, “Fake it till you make it,” I’m this, this is who I am. I’m not going to go into a room and fake it, and hope that they don’t see through me. This is who I am.

You are seeing what you are getting, and I’m not anything different when you close the door than when I’m in front of you. So that gives people a whole new level of confidence to work with me and to do business with me because now they know what I see is what I get with Joshua.

Joshua Hadley


Joshua’s Comment on Investment of Working with Irina

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

But you got to trust. When I came to you, I asked you and you told me what you were suggesting, and my logical mind struggled with it for a bit. You went through your sales process, but it wasn’t really a sales process, it was a spiritual conviction. And you said, “You told me you want this kind of results. You got to trust me because I’ve been through this. You got to trust that I will give you the best pathway to the results you want.” It’s not about how much money I make off of it.”

I really can say that, Irina, you don’t get paid anywhere near enough for the amount of work that you did with me. You didn’t charge enough. Someone looks at it and could say, “Well, you are charging a lot of money for this because I don’t really know what kind of results I’m going to get.” But the results are up to you. If you don’t do the work, you are not going to get the results. So if you come across fear and you back down, it’s your fault that you didn’t get results. This is all about you.

Irina is here; she is committed; she shows up on time; she gets it done. She is there committed to making you get the results that you need to get. But it’s all on you to do the work. Well, you got to trust someone who is an expert. You might not think that there are experts out there on the subject, but there are.

Irina is an expert you need to trust. She is going to show you the best path. Trust that whatever cost is involved in that monetarily, you need to find the money to pay for it. You need to find it out. Because I guarantee you, once you start working with her, you are going to realize that she is so committed to what she does that you know that she doesn’t charge enough for it.

I know Irina is such a dynamic person that eventually she is going to get to a place where she gets so much demand on her time that she can charge 5 times what she charged me for this and get it because my testimony is going to get out there and people are going to hear it and its going to be a powerful testimony I know, and it’s going to create a higher demand for her work.

So you better jump on board while her services don’t cost that much. It’s cheap now, it will be expensive later, so don’t wait.

To fulfill my life’s mission, Irina, I genuinely say I love you and I know we were meant to meet each other. And everyone listening to this, I genuinely have a love for you as well, and I hope you can feel it and know that that would never come out of my mouth four months ago.

Joshua Hadley


“And Already Before We Got the Business Paper Work Passed, We Already Turned the Profit. Before It Was Just a Struggle To Get Started.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

I’m Larry Carter. I have been Irina’s long-term client, which has been fabulous. She had another client that basically told how wonderful it was working with Irina. And while I think he did a good job, I mean I can’t have enough words to describe it for both of us how great the experience is in general.

I feel a transformation in my life on an energy level. Everything I do, it just feels right. I can’t express that more. My intuition is stronger. I just have an intuitive feel. I feel great; things are coming together. Business wise coming together. We just started opening a new company “No Cube,” which is a fitness and health company.

And already before we got the business paper work passed, we already turned the profit. Before it was just a struggle to get started. And so, it’s been a great experience, and I have to say that Irina doesn’t charge enough.

You really have to do it. It really changes who you are. My meditation has deepened. I have been meditating quite a bit for several years, but then it has deepened afterwards and now my meditation has gone a whole lot deeper. That’s great in itself.

I feel that I have attracted more positive things in my life. One of the issues that I had is relating to health, eating right and during that I could never buy a refrigerator. And I needed a new refrigerator because my current refrigerator was just too small to really store anything in. So we had the normal groceries, and I couldn’t really get into eating regiment just because there was nowhere to store the food. I was later able to go out and get it. Before, when I would go to do it, something would come up that would cost the price of the refrigerator. And I’m not talking anything expensive, but I could not do it for some reason. It was like a block, something would always come up in my life that would take away my chance to do that.

And I was able to do that immediately afterwards. To me it’s very significant, it’s so amazing. Someone might say, “Oh, it’s just a refrigerator, but it was such a block on the internal level that it was just manifesting in what I attracted. And all different manifest in my life that that’s where it was at. Now I was able to do that and even start talking to a coach for programs and so forth, as before I could never make it to even to talking to a coach.

Every time I tried it, something came up. And so now I was able to do those type of things. That’s just one of my many different types of things that have been happening to me.

Like I said earlier about business partner, Irina doesn’t know right there, she saved me a headache, a life time on that partner who wasn’t really going to do anything for the company but take us down. And we were able to let that partner go. It’s a shame to me when two of our other partners said something and intuitively I was like tapping him on the shoulder that something is not right.

And we had sent up for corporation papers and our corporation’s paper happens to just come back, and we had started operating and this particular partner got his percentage. When he realized that the papers were going through, he decided, “I no longer have to do work. All I need to do is to collect on my percentage, so you, guys, have to deal with me.”

All the paper work we would have to do to get rid of the partner that wasn’t going to work out that would have been crazy, but these things have a way of working out. The company sent us back the paperwork. And it happened to be right at the time that the partner was telling us all this – how he basically was not going to work anymore, he wasn’t going to do anything, and we had to get rid of him.

That was perfect, and it just came all together. My angels were right there, and I felt it. And when he wanted to talk to a lawyer about it, and I said, “You know, a funny thing about that, you have 30%, but you have nothing until I sign the papers. They came back and said they rejected it because we didn’t sign right.”

That’s one in a billion chance that that would happen. We missed one little check box, and they sent it back. And he happens to come out to what his plans were at the wrong time because he thought we were through, and it had just come back that day. And to me that was amazing. And then immediately the weekend following all of that we turned the profit, which was amazing.

Before I met Irina, I had got that particular partner. And that tells me that I attracted that partner when my vibration was much lower before I met Irina and started going through everything. I strongly believe that if you met Irina, you are at that level to meet Irina.

I can’t say I was lowly low, but I was much lower than where I am by far right now. And I can’t thank Irina enough for that.

There have just been other things too. I have another company that I have been running for a year. We have been doing good with that, like clients coming in here for that, so that’s been great in itself. I have been able to handle more efficiently, the clients that we do get, that come in for programming.

So I have several clients that I am working with for at the moment, and I have been able to get the work that they need even if there is a hiccup, before if we sometimes had a hiccup, we lost a client.

But now I’m just patiently able to get through to them. And it’s like all blocks are just removed from me. It’s gone and I’m efficient, and for the first time, I have been able to bring on another developer whom before I just could never bring on, and now I’m able to bring another developer to help me out. I mean we are talking years; I just could not bring on another developer. And now I brought on another developer, working great with them, I have been able to take more work load. That’s been amazing and it just keeps getting better.

And I feel that my whole vibration as a person has come up. I’m a strong believer that a wise person learns from everyone around them. So the people that you are attracting in your life shows what level you are on. And Irina obviously is a very high level.

And the fact that I was able to get Irina to come into my life and help me move up in a level, that’s been amazing itself. I have attracted many mentors at the same time, business coaches that have helped me do different things in business.

I have been able to make more moves as far as my education as well as the business. I have met all these people as a result of all the work that Irina and I have done. Otherwise, I would have never met them, especially, this early, definitely would not have met them. And they came into my life and I was just like “Wow, I’m able to move up, get the trainings that I need that have helped me.”

Larry Carter


Irina “Was the Perfect Person to Help Me Unleash or Open Up Those Aspect of Myself That I Wasn’t Able To Do So On My Own.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

Hello, my name is Natalie, and I’m here to talk about Irina Baker and my experiences with her. I came to Irina after working for several years on my own, trying to connect with myself, to connect with my soul, to just kind of release all the issues and experiences that may not have been good in my life.

And I realize I kind of hit a wall and so when I came to Irina, I knew after looking at her credentials and the training and experience that she had that she was the perfect person to help me unleash or open up those aspects of myself that I wasn’t able to do so on my own. The work that I did with Irina was paramount, it was huge and I was able to get to where I wanted to be.

And I continue to have experiences. Just in few weeks since we have been done, I resigned from one of my jobs that are not serving a purpose for me, and I have come to a greater place of abundance. As a single parent taking care of three children on my own, I was feeling restricted and through working with Irina I was able to let go of those restrictions, which were obviously fear based; and I just been enveloped by the abundance that is actually there and that would continue to come to me.

So that would serve a great purpose in allowing me to go forth with my purpose. I’m an educator and I love to teach and I was feeling a little bit financially restricted by that choice. And now I don’t. I just know that everything I need would come to me and I would be blessed.

I think everyone goes through a time when you hit the wall or when you just feel blocked, and despite your best effort, you are unable to push through that block. And then again, that is where I was. For those of you who have done that, who have done the work yourself, who have walked through a lot of things and just finally find yourself in a place where you hit an impasse, I would suggest Irina.

She is very intuitive, and she will connect with you if you open up and connect with her, she will very much be willing to help you through that place. And I’m grateful that there are people like Irina who have these gifts, who allow us the opportunity to if we are willing to do the work and to push through the different blockages and walls that may arise in our lives. So we truly can be our best selves and be fully connected with our higher selves and fulfill our purpose that we came to do in this life. Thank you.

Natalie Wright, M.A.


“You Have Taught Me to Manifest a Promotion in Every Position That I’m in.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Fraysur and I’m here to give a testimonial for Irina Baker. I just want to start off by saying how grateful I am for all of the teachings that you’ve thought me. Whether it has to do with Source, with my friends and family, significant other, co-workers, difficult people – definitely difficult people.

One thing that you have somehow taught me is to manifest a promotion in every position that I’m in. I have learned so much, not only in having worked with you, having gotten to know you. It’s amazing to see what you really can change with just your thoughts.

And I want to let you know that if had a million dollar, I would give it to you today. I know that there is no price tag that you can put on the things that you have thought me, whether like I said it has to do with work, relationships, my own self-image – it amazes me.

And if I did have a million dollar it would be yours today. Thank you so much!

Stephanie Fraysur

“The Work That Irina Does Will Totally Set You Free.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

Hi, my name is Robyn Walters, and I wanted to share a little bit with you about my relationship with Irina Baker and the works that we did together that took over the last couple of months and how amazing she is.

That if you are contemplating at all to working with her, that I would definitely say from my experience - that definitely go for it.

The reason behind is that I had some really deep rooted issues that seemed to keep flashing up in my face and in my life that I just didn’t understand how to deal with them and why I was going through the things that I was going through. The stumbling blocks that are kind of stuck in my life, and I wanted freedom from that.

So in her work, I really drove into some personal issues that I didn’t even realized were holding me back. And through our work together and the sessions that we had was incredible freedom for me. So I wanted to share that with you just so that you know that you are in good hands.

The work that she does will totally set you free, will give you clarity in your life, to help you overcome the obstacles that you are going through and to help you understand why things are happing in your life and how you can take care of it.

I want to say thank you, Irina. Thank you so much!

Robyn Walters


Diana Galvan: “I’ve learned to focus on today and accepted my greatness.”

Irina “Helped Me Grow Emotionally and Spiritually to a Level I Never Thought I Could Achieve.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

My name is Kate. I attended Irina’s boot camp, and it was a very wonderful experience for me. I have learned how to shift my awareness. I got a lot of good insight and prospective from every member of the group. I also have learned how to stop living a victim’s mentality. I’m very glad I attended, and I’m very grateful to have had this opportunity. It helped me learn. It helped me grow emotionally and spiritually to a level I never thought I could achieve. I highly recommend it.

Kate Thomson


“I am much more confident. I am not really afraid of anything. I am more relaxed, a lot more patient with myself.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

My name is Kate, and I went to see Irina Baker because I had rough past few years. I was in the military, and I had a hard time there. I had a disastrous relationship with my ex.

I am starting off a new, a new place, and I was lost, didn’t know exactly where I was headed, personally mostly because emotionally I am recovering from a lot of damage.

So I contacted Irina Baker, went to her website, and I went over quite a few sessions over the past three months. And she’s been an excellent mentor for me.

She worked with me and now I am much more confident. I am not really afraid of anything. I am a lot less nervous than I used to be. I accept everything as it is. I am more relaxed, a lot more patient with myself. I have a 3-year-old at home and I am much more patient with her than I used to be.

I am very musically inclined and I’ve been singing a lot more after each session. I just feel so alive and awakened, so I would just sing very loudly, much to my daughter’s chagrin, of course.

I always had a mental block, but now I feel a little more focused on what I want to do as I am now.

I’ve been swimming a lot more too, which is great.

I am much more honest with people, especially with myself. I just tell people how it is. This is who I am, I am just very mellow person.

Irina tends to go to the root of the issue on the soul level addressing why I had issues that I had before, and she’d helped me to deal with them at the spiritual level. I would definitely recommend Irina to anybody who is having even just questions about their life or they feel they should go.

Irina will be more than happy to help you. She is a very lovely lady to work with. She is amazing mentor and a good friend. So hopefully, you will go there too. I highly recommend her.

Kate Thompson

“Irina’s Professionalism is Outstanding, and I Highly Recommend Her.”

Below is the video transcription of the testimonial.

Irina was highly recommended to me and I used her services and was very pleased with her professionalism and knowledge. I had some fears and some things I needed to discover and she helped me uncover everything I need to uncover and work through my fears, and she was absolutely fabulous. Her professionalism is outstanding, and I highly recommend her.