The Most Ignored Silent Component That Can Either Help You Make It or Break It In Business


If you have a job, a specific set of skills or a specialized knowledge is required from you to be successful at your particular position. Usually, you will be practicing the same skill over and over again until you hone your skills. Then you become bored and either you stay at your position and your job becomes very easy for you or you leave, add the new set of skills and start practicing again.
On the contrary, when you start a business or become an entrepreneur, you quickly discover that many different skills are a must to build a successful scalable, salable business system.
There are four crucial components of every business journey that must be addressed. As a rule, three of them are discovered pretty fast, while the fourth component is completely ignored. A lot of times it happens because the entrepreneur is simply unaware of the importance and sometimes, even the existence of the fourth factor.
1 Component: Knowledge of the Subject Matter or an Expert Status
An entrepreneur or a business owner gets a college degree, certification and/or license, invents a product, innovates a process, creates a unique system or formula, in other words, obtains and perfects the knowledge that leads to solving a specific problem.
You can either obtain this knowledge or expert status yourself or hire experts in this field who will work for or consult with you.
Some might believe that those who made quick millions working the web don’t need to be experts. I disagree. Even if your business is a social media platform, you must have knowledge of the structure, technical requirements, etc. or hire IT experts who will do it for you or will advise you.
This first component is usually the most enjoyable and seems to be the easiest. Many people enjoy schooling and training, creating and inventing.

2 Component: Solid Marketing and Business Systems Knowledge and Execution
You can be a person of a tremendous knowledge, extremely skillful expert in your area, solving people’s problem, but if you have no visibility, if you are so called “best-kept secret,” if no one with a problem that requires your particular skill can find you anywhere, you have a problem. Marketing means making yourself available to those who need you, to find potential clients, patients and customers.
Business systems are vital in creating serious profitable business while converting sales, providing customer service and retaining the existing clients.
It is an interesting paradox that people go into business, and yet, hate sales and marketing.
3 Component: Successful Mind-Set and Commitment
When obstacles show up and challenges arise, you discover pretty fast that without believing in yourself, you cannot go far.
You must be confident, goal-oriented and committed to be able to withstand the pressures of business building and growth. You start taking self-improvement trainings and work with a mind-set coach to bring your self-confidence up to par. Without this component, as you already know, no one will take you seriously.
For example, you cannot create a great marketing system if you don’t believe in what you offer. So your visibility will suffer, therefore, your reach will suffer, so will your profits. Reach and impact millions, and you will create your great wealth.
Usually, this is an enjoyable component as it requires to attend live events, trainings and learn new techniques.
Usually, the above-mentioned components are the ones everyone knows about and pays attention to.
However, not everyone is aware of the fourth component. And it is ironic that actually, this component, perhaps, the most unassuming and silent, can effectively make or break your business.
4 Component: Spiritual Awareness and Connection to the Divine
(Your Two-Way Communication with the Divine and Application of Spiritual Principles in Your Business)
It is my firm conviction that business is a spiritual journey. Even making tons of money or not making at all is a spiritual journey.
The Diamond Cutter, The Buddhist Book of Ancient Wisdom, states, “The very people who are attracted to business are the exactly the ones who have the inner strength to grasp and carry out the deeper practices of the Spirit.”
The famous author of a “business bible” “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill observed that all the greatest business achievers relied heavily on the Infinite Intelligence in business.
The hero journey that all entrepreneurs inevitably find themselves on is a spiritual journey. The business challenges and obstacles have spiritual reasons and spiritual lessons at their core. And even such a material concept as money still has a spiritual meaning and spiritual application behind it.
The amount of success one experiences depends on the level of value you bring to the world. The concept of self-worth is a spiritual concept and can only be increased through spiritual work and understanding.
If, for example, you reject money deep in your subconscious mind and hold yourself in the lowest regard possible, again, deep in your subconscious mind, then no matter how your consciously positive your mind-set is, how much marketing you do and how many professional degrees you possess, you will never be able to fulfil your highest potential, create great wealth and find deep satisfaction.
In analogy with four components of our human being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual that must be in complete harmony and balance for us to be happy, our four business components: expertise, marketing and business systems, positive mind-set and spiritual awareness and connection to the Divine must be addressed, mastered and executed for you to experience wealth and deep spiritual satisfaction the easy way.

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