Are You Spiritually Unaware, Aware or Advanced? Part 1: Spiritually Unaware

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What do you consider yourself? Are you spiritually unaware? Spiritually aware? Or Spiritually advanced? Have you had a moment of spiritual awakening yet?

It often happens that the outside persona (image) that we have created usually reflects what we want to see in ourselves and show to the world.  However, unfortunately, there is another persona (image) that is often hidden behind the numerous masks.  We hide behind these masks from ourselves.

Many years ago, I was pretty sure that I was driven, determined, confident, motivated woman with a high self-worth.  I believed that I could do anything, achieve anything and create anything. So I set to conquer the world the only way I knew how:  by getting great education and building a powerful career. Everything was going well, until the moment I started noticing that the road I was “running” on didn’t lead me anywhere.

I started feeling like a hamster on a treadmill. (Or as I lived at that time in Russia, I was a “squirrel in a hamster wheel,” as Russians say it.) And I kept running and running into nowhere.  I was completely and utterly ignorant about the Divine and anything related to spiritual. I felt alone and disconnected and was longing for love. Later I realized that this active search for love brought me to love – God.

When the moment of my spiritual awakening happened, I made a commitment to change my life and myself and got on the path of intense spiritual healing. (I will discuss spiritual awakening in my next article: Part 2.)

Only then, the truth started unfolding in front of me.  As I started taking down my masks, I found a persona (image) inside of me that was very different from what I initially imagined about myself. My self-worth turned out very low, and I had a huge load of issues to be cleared.

My spiritual awareness has been gradually unfolding from complete ignorance to aware and then to advanced. (I will discuss spiritually aware and advanced stages in my following articles: Part 3 and 4.)  My initial spiritual realizations, insights and stories, together with my clients and students’ stories are included in my book Keys to Freedom:  The Guide to Personal Power. Click HERE to buy the book or to get more info.

Awareness is an interesting area – in our awareness we are always present. We are in the now. And we always feel or think we understand it all. But truth be told, when the next level of awareness unfolds, we look back and marvel, “How come I didn’t know (didn’t realize) this before?”

That’s because the old level of awareness didn’t let you see what’s beyond that old level.

Long time ago when I was teaching seminars and counseling at a college and women from the local area would come to our Women’s Center for counseling services. Some of these women would have a very hard time accepting the fact that they are 100 percent responsible for their reality.

Why? Because they were simply spiritually ignorant to the fact that they were creators of their own reality or that they even had their own reality, etc. They were victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and other very unpleasant situations. “Life is cruel and I am a victim” – That’s all these women knew.

Those who accepted my teachings were able to move on by expanding the level of their awareness.

My internal revolution (my own spiritual awakening) happened in 1996. The results of that revolution are very clear today. Now I only have a vague recollection of what my old personality was like.

When I think about the old me, I feel puzzled, asking myself how I couldn’t see what I see now. The truth is I wasn’t able to because I haven’t awakened yet.  (I will discuss spiritual awakening in my next article: Part 2.) My old level of awareness wouldn’t allow me to know more.

I lived in spiritual ignorance, trying to cope with challenging life events as best as I could, always hoping for a better future, but the better future never came. I created an image of a strong woman who knew what she wanted, who was confident, active, talented and bright. And I believed in this image. However, prior to that magical moment of my spiritual awakening I had no idea that I had lived my life as a victim. First of all, I didn’t have another perspective to compare my life in the Soviet Union. My life was the only one I knew.

Second, even though I was energetic and active, trying to make things happens, no matter what I would do, life and my destiny were responsible for my bad luck. I believed I had nothing to do with my misfortunes. In other words, I was blaming a mirror for my ugly face. I wanted to escape my life in Russia; and I truly believed that by leaving the country I would find a new happy destiny. Yet when I finally left the country,  my internal suffering didn’t leave me as I expected; but, quite the opposite, intensified!

Back in Russia, I lived in a dream state like many others, unhappy with the material conditions of living and in constant fear and dissatisfaction, and I didn’t know that I could change it all. I was a Victim with a capital V, and I played my role quite well. The destiny “assigned” to me was about hard life, struggle, loneliness, fear and powerlessness. And the only way to escape such a life was to run away as far as I could, or so I thought…

Without wanting to label anyone or anything, the thought occurred to me to try to distinguish four levels of spiritual awareness in a general manner so this could help you take an honest look at yourself and move to the next level, thus improving your life drastically.

These series will consist of four parts. Today I am discussing what it means to be spiritually unaware.

In the next article, I will explain the concept of spiritual awakening.

Then I will talk about being spiritually aware and

In the last article, I will discuss being spiritually advanced.

As I proceed to describe the state of spiritual unawareness, ask yourself where you stand. There is no judgment in any of the levels or states of awareness. Just an observation in my desire to help shift your awareness to the higher level.

If you are spiritually unaware, you won’t read this article because its vibrational frequency simply won’t attract you. Most likely, this is about what you were and felt in the past. As you are going over the list, look back and see if you matched any of the descriptions or all of them in the past.

Or perhaps, you are about to “wake up” or even in the middle of your spiritual awakening, which means you are about to leave the state of spiritual ignorance.

When you are spiritually unaware, it doesn’t mean you don’t believe in God. You may be very active at a church of your choice and pray a lot. But you are still spiritually ignorant. Why? Because usually, God is somewhere far away. You feel disconnected and lonely, and you don’t understand “why good things happen to good people.”

On the outside, you have a normal family, normal relationships, normal job and normal life. You take vacations and trips, you take care of kids, you are an involved parent, and you have a healthy social life. However, if you are spiritually unaware, below is what you may experience on the inside.

Even though you are aware of God, you have to rely on yourself when dire circumstances happen.

Life could be hard and you struggle a lot.

Or life could be easy, and you have a good family, good job and wealth. You are all set in life, and you simply don’t care about anything else. You are not wondering about meaning of life or your purpose in life. You are doing well in your opinion and in the opinion of your neighbors and friends.

In spite of the great well-to-do façade, there is a deep longing inside of you. There is some deep dissatisfaction, which you don’t know what to do with and try to cope with it as much as you can yourself. You may cover the dissatisfaction with over indulgence of some sort: shopping, sex, alcohol, partying, overachieving, working too much, feeling depressed and hiding it from others and from yourself, and even taking anti-depressants.

You often feel powerless in the face of circumstances.

You rely on logic and past experiences rather than on Divine Guidance. If you use your intuition, it is in a spontaneous way—hit and miss.You don’t have a two-way communication with the Divine.

You believe that ONLY hard work brings success and money.

You pride yourself in being a Survivor, displaying a subconscious belief that life is all about hard work and surviving.

You react to what life brings in a knee-jerk reaction because you just are. You respond to what every day brings. You are not actively shaping your future through spiritual awareness and specific spiritual practice.

You don’t know how to clear your old issues and you don’t believe in or not sure about past lives. So old issues come only from your childhood, according to your belief.

You often run like a hamster on a treadmill into nowhere unconsciously chasing after the feeling of satisfaction, but never getting any close to it.

You are not aware of your soul purpose. And even if you have an inclination, you ignore it completely.

You don’t know who you you truly are on a deep spiritual level and why you were born here on earth. And honestly, you are not even aware of the fact that you don’t know. Perhaps, you never asked yourself this question. It hasn’t been really important to you.

You are never at peace. Often your stress level is quite high, when you are trying to cope with demands of your everyday life and internally, continue expending energy on hiding the dissatisfaction, loneliness and separation.

You are often consumed by fears, and you don’t know how to deal with them, or you came up with a way of covering your fears up and waiting for them to subside.

As I mentioned earlier, I am sure that most likely, you are not in this space anymore. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. But can you identify with any or all of these descriptions in your past?

At some point, you have been spiritually unaware, and then your spiritual awareness took over or expanded and suddenly, you found yourself having a very different perspective on life. When such a profound transformation happened after we worked together, one of my clients put it so well, “I am a new person now, and I don’t know what to do with myself.” She was looking at the world and herself through the new lens, much better ones. Finally, she was spiritually aware!

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