Spiritual Awakening: Part 2. Are You Spiritually Unaware, Aware or Advanced?

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How did you spiritually wake up? Was your moment of spiritual awakening like a lightning flash or a gradual process?

How did you know it was your spiritual awakening?

My journey of self-awareness and self-healing started very unexpectedly for me.  That memorable day in 1996 I was sitting at my office desk at home typing something on my computer, feeling peaceful and focused.

Suddenly, a powerful light bulb turned on inside of me; a sensation I had never experienced prior to that day. An incredibly simple yet profound realization hit me with the force of a thousand bricks leaving me shocked and startled.

That very instant I firmly knew that I was the only one who was totally responsible for all my problems, struggles, general discontent and unhappiness.

I realized the first answer to the meaning of my life:  There was something inside of me that kept recreating similar painful situations again and again. This understanding was the first conscious spark of my spiritual awakening. Prior to that magical moment I had no idea that I had lived my life as a victim. I was totally and utterly spiritually ignorant (read description of being spiritually unaware in my previous blog Are You Spiritually Unaware, Aware or Advanced?  Part 1 Spiritually Unaware HERE)

The new realization was profound. If there was something inside of me that was responsible for all the circumstances surrounding me, then I can surely find this “something” and change it so I could change my entire life. The next minute I found myself making a heart-felt commitment to find out what was wrong with me. Little did I know at that very moment how powerful my intent was and how strongly I was determined to learn about myself and change what needed to be changed.

I stepped on the spiritual path leading to ascension without my knowing of this fact or even understanding the meaning of the word “ascension.”

Much later I found out that the event of my initial awakening had been “scheduled” a long time ago, and my realization occurred right on time. However, I still had to allow it to happen. There was a strong potential for change, yet I had to have the courage to take full responsibility for my life and for everything that was wrong in it.

I had to be willing to stop blaming the Soviet Union, my city, people, circumstances and luck; and instead, turn inside to take a very close and serious look at myself – a very painful step! For me the decision to spiritually wake up was unconscious because, logically, I had no idea what was about to begin.

Not only did I make the internal commitment to go within and find out who I was, I actively set out to do it.

Here I share with you my own spiritual awakening moment. I also interviewed several people and they shared their experiences. If you would like to read them, they are published in my book Bridging Your Soul and Your Bank Account. The Complete Guide to Spiritual Satisfaction and Wealth.  Click HERE to buy the book.  (This book is for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to have both money and soul satisfaction. It comes with a downloadable The Self-Assessment Companion Guide.)

A moment of spiritual awakening can be “fast and furious” like it happened to me, or it can be a gradual process of the unfolding interest in spiritual matters.

When awakening happens or about to happen, usually, people find themselves dissatisfied with what their religion teaches and start looking around.

I remember many years ago, people who would come to my counseling sessions would inevitably inform me when I asked about their religious beliefs, “I used to be a catholic, but I don’t believe in their teachings anymore, and now I am more in metaphysics.” As I heard it over and over again, I knew people were starting to wake up in masse.

What is a spiritual awakening all about?  When we live spiritually unaware, all we know is our immediate reality and nothing else. When we spiritually wake up, we realize that we are multidimensional beings, and our current reality is not the only reality!

Imagine a dark room and humans are roaming this dark room in a dream state, oblivious to the fact that there is a much bigger world that exists outside their small dark room. But they never venture out, never see the light because they are still asleep. No one can wake them up until they make that decision themselves.

When one of them stirs up and opens his or her eyes, angels who have been on standby for a long time, patiently waiting for this human’s awakening, now can give a helpful hand and guide the person out of that dark room.

Spiritual awakening happens when we “wake up” to the knowledge that there is much more to life than being born, having children, getting education, working, retiring and dying.

We wake up to our spiritual purpose, spiritual contracts and what we must do to get out of the darkness and move ourselves into the bright divine light.

We wake up to the knowledge that there is power inside of us, and it is has to be found and activated.

If you start asking yourself questions like these ones and start looking for spiritual answers, most likely, you are awakening.

Why is my life going as it is?

Why did I have this particular childhood?

Why are my life circumstances as they are?

What is my purpose in life?

Why am I here?

Why do I have to struggle?

What is the meaning and purpose of my relationships?

Why do I have certain emotional issues and how can I deal with them?

How can I explain health problems, and how can I deal with them?

How can I successfully adjust to rapidly changing life?

Why do I have problems at work or at home?

Why do I have problems with my finances?

Why do I have conflicts with my children/parents?

Why do I feel like a victim?

How can I increase my self-esteem?

How can I start living a joyful, abundant and stress-free life? Is it even possible for me?

While you are being born and growing up and getting education and having children and working and retiring, you are on the spiritual path: either you are aware of it and then you walk the path consciously, or you are ignorant about it and then you are stalling.

If you choose growth, your awareness will be unfolding at a comfortable for you pace perfect in its divine timing.

The inner university (This is how I call the spiritual process) is thorough and demanding, yet promising. Divine professors are strict, yet supportive. Spiritual lessons and tests are challenging, yet attainable; levels are clearly defined and celebrations take place.

The university is open 24/7. You can engage in processing and releasing day and night if you so choose. Once you learn about the spiritual realm, you cannot go back and unlearn it. Once started, the healing doesn’t stop. However, should you decide to stop and take a break, you are free to do so.

The graduation also takes place when tests are passed and material is learned. The “diploma” of this university is ascension (enlightenment or self-realization) — moving from the kingdom of fear into the realm of love, from the condition of powerlessness to personal freedom.

Even without a diploma, going through the lessons of this university changes your life and even your whole existence in the universe drastically for the better.

Reflect back right now:

  1. Have you had your spiritual awakening? (I bet you have!)
  2. If yes, when did it happen?
  3. Was it a gradual process or “fast and furious”?
  4. What has this awakening open up for you?
  5. Where are you on the spiritual path right now?
  6. What is your final destination? Are you aware of it?
  7. What is your next step on the path?

In the next article, I will be discussing what it means being spiritually aware.

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