Level 3: Radiant Mastery

Use Your Radiant Power to Bring Forth What You Need or Want

Wealthy Consciousness + Radiant Power =

Wealth and Satisfaction the Easy Way™

5 Steps to Mastering Your Radiant Power

  1. Learn how your radiant power operates.
  2. Become magnetic to money: Make the money and Keep the money the Easy Way.
  3. Learn how to respect your power.
  4. Practice The Creation Formula™, the specific steps of manifesting all your material desires.
  5. Become genuinely happy and content and remain permanently in the easy flow of life.
We Focus on Using and Practicing Radiant Power by

✔ Establishing a new successful self-image

✔ Establishing financially secure consciousness

✔ Creating new power habits

✔ Maintaining habitual happiness and winning attitude

✔ Increasing your vibrational frequency

✔ Using power tools

✔ Becoming free from the Matrix

✔ Understanding the difference between being a slave to the money and a master to the money

✔ Understanding the difference between “evil” wealth and “divine” wealth

✔ Deepening your communication with the Divine

✔ Growing your vocabulary of two-way communication with the Divine

✔ Cultivating high energy level

✔ Manifesting specific desires

✔ Leaving with full awareness

✔ Working on your soul purpose

✔ Growing active faith

✔ Increasing and mastering your radiant power

Level 1: Keys to Freedom: The Mirror™ is a prerequisite for this level.