My Clients Say It Best


Out of All My Mentors Irina Has Taken Me the Furthest

“Out of all my mentors Irina has taken me the furthest, and I still continue to have advancements as a result of all the work she has done with me. I’ve seen my business double. I’ve seen my relationship with my wife become more fulfilled. I’ve also felt more than ever. I understand my purpose, and I’m on a clear path to get there. As an entrepreneur the spiritual work with Irina has helped me the most push to the next level."

Larry Carter

Founder, No Cubed Inc.


She Helped Me Figure Out the Root of My Fear and Move On

She guided me in many situations in business and life where I felt stuck or scared. She helped me figure out the root of my fear and move on. The result was more creative solutions in my business, more clients and more income. I truly believe if you, as an entrepreneur, want success you have to have mentors, including a spiritual mentor. And Irina is the best choice!”

Maria Serbina, MBA

Business Strategist and Social Influence Online Expert

Irina went right to the heart of my desire

“Irina's questioning and insight not only revealed my so-far-not-sure-of passions, but also pointed out specific aspects of these passions that would work for me. And we did it remotely - via the computer. She went right to the heart of my desire - to discover my next career using my soul mission. Highly recommend her - love her sense of humor as well as her mentoring talents.

Lura Kingsford, MBA

Appreciation Mindset Counselor