Harry Potter: 9 Steps to Turning Your Rich Idea Into Tangible Wealth Part 2



In the Part 1 of this article, I have explained the following rich idea authentication process. I would like to remind you about the authentication steps, and then I will explain 9 steps of turning the rich idea into wealth.
1. A rich idea comes from the Divine. It slips in quietly.
2. It is usually “soft-spoken” and gentle.
3. It is persistent.
4. The rich idea is always something you are absolutely capable of achieving because you have a talent to fulfill the task.
5. The idea makes your feel alive, excited, enthusiastic, stirs up your creative juices.
Once you authenticated your rich idea, it is time to take the steps to turn the idea into a tangible thing, object or project. Here is how:
1 Step: Make your choice wisely.
You have a Free Will and therefore, a free choice. You can choose to ignore your rich idea because you are afraid of taking a risk or because it seems impossible or because you are simply too comfortable where you are. Many people have ignored their rich ideas for their whole lives for the above-mentioned reasons.

Or you can make a choice to recognize that this idea is a Divine gift for you and for the whole humanity because you are the only one who can make this idea happen in your own unique way for the benefit of your soul growth and the betterment of the whole.

2 Step: Keep your idea a secret. Do not ask opinion, advice or approval from others.
Do not make a mistake of discussing your rich idea with your friends and family, asking for their opinion and approval.
I had a client who wanted to start her business — and it was a truly rich idea and her soul purpose — but she made a mistake to mention her idea to several people.

They all gave my client all the reasons why she shouldn’t do it. She followed their “well-meant” advice and remained for many more years at her unfulfilling job, only dreaming about her business.

I asked my client, “Were the people who rejected your business idea accomplished in any big way?”
“Were they entrepreneurs knowing very well this business?”
No, they were people who worked at their jobs and had no idea about entrepreneurial world at all! And they confidently gave advice about something they were not competent at all!

Personally, I don’t know whether J.K. Rowling had initially shared her Harry Potter idea with anyone, but I do know that her first manuscript was rejected!

Now the whole world knows that Harry Potter was a genuinely rich idea; and yet there were some people who didn’t see its value in the beginning. I wonder how that person who read the manuscript and made a decision to reject it felt when he or she had found out what incredible success the first book became and what avalanche of recognition and wealth the following sequence created.

The only good place to share your rich idea is in a circle of very like-minded and positive people. The minds should be in harmony so they could energetically support your idea instead of discarding it.

3 Step: Do not rush fulfilling your idea immediately.
When a woman is pregnant, it means a seed (an idea) came into her body (appeared in your mind). But the child doesn’t get born the next day, doesn’t it? The seed takes time to germinate and grow.
The same with idea, if you start rushing it into the world prematurely, it will not survive. It takes time to grow. Nurture your idea, feel it, dwell on it. Be with it. Let the idea to open up to you with all its possibilities and potential.

4 Step: Ask Divine Guidance and wait for the answer.
Make sure to be observant so you won’t miss the first step that you have to take to start accomplishing your project. Guidance always comes.

5 Step: Get Divine signal to act.
If you want the adventure of your life to be smooth and in the flow, you must act on the Divine terms at the Divine timing. If you ask for Divine timing, the signal will be given to you. If you are observant, you will know. The signal can come through a phone call, through a message of some sort, through the movie, etc. It could be direct or indirect.

6 Step: Take divinely inspired action.
Once the signal is given and perceived, you must take a physical action. The Divine (Spirit) provides the rich idea, and the ego (Physical personality) make it happen here on earth. The idea without action is dead. The action without the idea is futile.

7 Step: Persevere and never give up.
Remember a spiritual principle I have discussed in one of the previous articles Beauty and the Beast. LINK
God only gives you as much as you can handle. So no matter how difficult the task seems, it is an optical illusion. There is an old Russian proverb, “Eyes are afraid, but hands are doing it anyway.”

8 Step: Have Faith.
Believe that you can fulfill your rich idea, that you are surrounded by the entourage of light supporting and guiding you along the way. You are never alone, even though you feel like that. You must believe!
The good news is only faith size as a mustard seed is required for success.
Mustard seed is believed to be the smallest seed. Even though, according to Hank Hanegraaf, who states in his article Was Jesus Wrong? Is the Mustard Seed Really Smallest? “Orchid seeds are smaller than mustard seeds,” I say, “Who cares? Jesus was not required to know the size of all seeds on earth.” The point is even with the smallest size of faith, you can fulfill your rich idea that was given specifically to you. You can read Hanegraaf’s article HERE.
9 Step: Be prepared for the appearance of wealth.

This is the most difficult step that usually is the cause of all delay and struggling.

The lengthy process that one usually is required to go through – remember J.K. Rowling got the Harry Potter idea in 1990 and her first book was published in 1997 – because it is a preparation to the grand reward: wealth.
J.K. Rowling remembers times when she didn’t have milk in the house, and “suddenly” with the fame of Harry Potter, money started coming like an avalanche.
“Suddenly” is what many think when they see that someone has received fame and wealth. But usually, the “overnight success” is the result of the process, listening to and following the Divine Guidance, full of work, struggling, wanting to give up and persevering in spite of all odds.
The good news, by the time you are finished with your idea, provided, you did everything in your power to succeed, you will be ready to enjoy wealth. You will have prepared for it. Enjoy!
If you are preparing for YOUR WEALTH, but right now
Do you have money stress and fears?
Do you ever feel it’s never enough money to go around?
And yet, the Divine is full of rich ideas waiting for you to be received!

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