This Fear Mantra is a Root of Money Fears! (It Plays Over & Over Like a Real Mantra.)


“I am 7-years old in big glasses. I am upstairs reading a book. Then I go downstairs and look in a full-size mirror to see if I stopped being a monster. I am disappointed because I am still a monster. So I return back upstairs to read another book. I believe that if I read enough book, I will stop being a monster. Yet, the cycle continues: upstairs, read a book, downstairs, look in the mirror, still a monster.”

What I just shared with you is called a “construct.” This particular one came up the surface from a deep level of my subconscious mind. Consciously, I had never had any glasses, never lived upstairs or downstairs as a child (We lived on 1-level); and I had never had a full-size mirror as I just described.

But the construct showed my subconscious belief: “Never enough!” “Never enough knowledge and education.”

Obviously, this belief played its role in my never-ending thirst for knowledge. Fortunately, this belief played a good role because by now I have a very solid educational background with 3 Masters Degrees, including M.A. in Counseling.

Today we will talk about money fears and will find out the universal fear mantra. People usually like to learn about and use mantras as “a mystical formula of invocation or incantation.” (The definition is from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.)

To see the definition of a mantra, go HERE

Unfortunately, many people have a very different role for a “mystical incantation”: It’s the opposite of real sacred mantras because this one is a fear mantra. Yet, this fear mantra is very common and persistent, and it is being used universally in many situations, not only in finances.

When I was conducting my Mega Video Summit “Fear Busters,” I asked attendees to share their loudest money fears. I am grateful for responses and will share some of them with you here.

All fears can be put into one FEAR MANTRA that is playing in our subconscious mind like a broken record. And this fear mantra is “NEVER ENOUGH!”

I have divided money fears into several categories. And I will share with you several examples. See which examples will apply to your life. Make a mental note what fears are very familiar to you.

Category 1: Debt

I don’t have enough money to pay off my debt.  (Never enough money to pay off my debt)

I am stuck in debt (Never enough money to pay off my debt)

I have too much debt (Never enough money to pay off my debt)

I’ll never be debt free (Never enough money to pay off my debt)


Category 2: Value

People not wanting to pay me for the value I provide (Never enough money to pay for my value)

No courage to ask for money when I treat patients (Never enough)

Asking for more clients (Never enough clients)

Not anything valuable to share (Never enough value)

Getting paid for what value I give (Never enough money for the value)


Category 3: Worry about future

Will I have enough? Not holding onto it. (Never enough)

Not being able to provide and survive. (Never enough)

Being poor and old and alone. (Never enough)


Category 4: Self-Worth

I can’t have it. I don’t deserve it. (Never enough)

I am not worthy. (Never enough)


Category 5: Never enough

Not enough to be free. (Never enough)

Not enough to live, pay bills and to have what I desire. (Never enough)


Category 6: Retirement

Running out of money before running out of life. (Never enough)

Never earning enough to retire. (Never enough)


Category 7: Money flow

I will make money and lose it. (Never enough)

Not feeling safe if I don’t have a certain amount. Afraid it will all be gone and I will lose all my assets. (Never enough)

Losing current income. (Never enough)

Lack of stable income. (Never enough)

If I stop working, money will stop coming. (Never enough)

While my income increases steadily, it’s not quick enough. (Never enough)


Category 8: Blaming others

Economy will crash. (Never enough)


Category 9:  Depending on others

This is one of the reasons when people (often women) stay in bad relationships)

Being dependent on others. (Never enough)

I won’t have enough to pay my bills. (Never enough)

I am not capable. (Never enough)

I am not worthy. (Never enough)


Category 10: Trust in God

I am afraid to let go and let God. (Never enough)

I’ll forget that I have always been provided for. (Never enough)

Fear mantra “Never enough!” doesn’t only work in finances, but in many other situations, such as

Not good enough

Not professional enough

Not kind enough

Not skinny enough

Not happy enough

Not joyful enough,

Not healthy enough

Do you often utilize the same Fear Mantra “never enough”? Are you aware of using it often or it is hidden deep in your subconscious mind, but it shows its ugly head periodically?

Do you have money but are afraid that “money is limited: It’s here today and gone tomorrow?

Are you tired of constant money fears and money stress?

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