Application for an Awareness Shifting Discovery Session

Step 1: Please watch this short video where Irina's client explains how Irina is different from other mentors.

How Irina is different from other mentors:

As I mentioned before, I have been on the spiritual path for some time before Irina. I was learning, but it was all MENTAL. There was nothing that brought me to my core through a breakthrough. I felt temporary satisfaction, but onto the next, next, next. I was sick and tired to be “sick and tired.”

Only with Irina I was able to get a breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough. The difference was a feeling. With other mentors it was all MENTAL. With Irina it is all on the deep spiritual level, FEELING. This is more than “I will meditate,” “I will go to church on Sunday,” “I will go to a spiritual retreat in India.” It’s breaking off patterns we’ve been conditioned from our past lives.

The difference between Irina and other mentors is that other mentors are not getting to the spiritual root. NLP, therapy, etc. operate on the mental level. But we are spiritual! Our mind is a tool. We are NOT our mind. We HAVE a mind. We cannot live in the mind. Other mentors work on the MIND LEVEL only.

But foundation of everything is the SPIRIT. With Irina we go immediately from the situation itself to the spiritual awareness. We are not working on the mind. We work on the spiritual. The breakthrough is spiritual and growth is fast. Other mentors will never get to the core fast, or it will take forever. They don’t operate on the spiritual level. Where other mentors end, we start with Irina.

Before I didn’t know how to work in my spirit, how to operate, how to manifest in my spirit.

How Irina is different from other mentors when teaching about money:

Many mentors teach us to take physical, external actions to make money. They teach us physical ways and opportunities, but they don’t teach us that we already have this financial freedom. We are free! Nothing in my physical world changed, but I am free! I am a living testimony to this! You just have to change your consciousness. You have to do spiritual work. You must feel. And it’s hard.

Irina is going internally. She teaches you through yourself. Her way is much more credible! The true teacher helps students by believing that it is about them, not the teacher.

Stacy Aronica
Realtor® USA

Step 2: Please answer the following questions for yourself.

Important! It is a well-known fact that when we have a burning desire to get or achieve something and this goal/result/object is valuable to us, we always find a way to get it. And the opposite, if we didn’t find the way to get it, we didn’t have a burning desire and didn’t see the value.

  • ✔ Do you have a burning desire to move from money fears and stress to consistent awareness shifting?
  • ✔ Is achieving your strong connection to the awareness shifting valuable to you?

This is NOT a free coaching session. Please do not apply if all you want to do is to talk about your money problem but not to solve it.

This Awareness Shifting Discover Session is for you and Irina to constructively discuss your money challenge and find out if you and Irina's spiritual mentoring are a good fit for both of you.

Be prepared to honestly look at yourself and your financial situation. If you feel comfortable with Irina and see the value in what she offers, be prepared to make a financial and spiritual commitment.

  • ✔ Are you prepared to make a financial commitment -- if you see the value and believe that Irina will help you -- which means you are committed to find the money to invest in your transformation?
  • ✔ Are you prepared to make a spiritual commitment, which means to do the homework, to show up for the sessions and to be accountable?

If you answered yes to all four questions, please fill out the questionnaire below. If you are qualified, Irina will schedule a Skype session with you via email.

If you answer yes to all four questions, please fill out the questionnaire below. If you are qualified, Irina will schedule a Skype session with you via email.

Important! If you haven’t received a response from Irina within 48 hours (excluding weekends), please email Irina at

“I had the opportunity to have a Discovery Session with Irina. I must say it was very eye opening. I came away with a clear idea of what to do about the issue that has been holding me back to achieve my personal and professional goals.
Irina will keep you honest, don't even think about trying to stray off into political correctness. She demolishes smoke and mirrors faster than you can put them up. If you are truly ready to make the changes and live your life to the fullest potential, then go see Irina. You won't regret it.”

Ronald Tobin

“Irina, I can't thank you enough for our session on Thursday. Your process of getting to the source of the issue was so concise and efficient! I can't believe how quickly we pin-pointed where my block was. And after recognizing and admitting it, I also was able to realize what other areas of my life had been held hostage because of this same issue. It was such an amazing experience. I highly recommend you and your process to anyone and everyone!”

Thanks again,

Jodi Hert

Step 3: Please fill out the following questionnaire.
You will also start receiving Irina’s E-zine Become Aware-Remain Awarewith powerful tips on expanding your spiritual awareness.