What Beauty and the Beast movie Teachers You About Your Money Stress & Debt. 7 Spiritual Principles to Consider When Dealing with Difficult Money Situations.

What Beauty and the Beast movie Teachers You About Your Money Stress & Debt. 7 Spiritual Principles to Consider When Dealing with Difficult Money Situations.

Do you communicate with the Divine? If yes, by what means? Do you believe that the Universe communicates with you all the time? Do you receive the messages all the time, or do you miss a lot of messages and are not ever aware of them?

Personally, I am constantly in communication with the Divine through all kinds of messages and signs. I am fascinated by this constant communication. My clients and friends could name me a “queen of signs” because signs are a huge part of my everyday life. I also cannot watch a movie without dissecting it from the spiritual point of view.

Long time ago I’ve noticed that I only get to watch a movie when I need to receive the particular message that the movie conveys, and this principle never fails.

When watching a movie, I always ask myself
What is the main core message of the movie for me?
Why am I getting this message at this particular moment?

This method never fails to help me realize, accept and release yet another internal issue from my subconscious mind.
And why do I need to do that? You can only improve your life by expanding your spiritual awareness!

So, have you watched the new movie Beauty and the Beast yet?
There are numerous messages in this movie. I will talk about one of them here. I want to encourage you to ask yourself,

“How does this apply into my life right now?”
Long time ago there was a Prince who had everything he wanted. He was of royal blood, lived in a huge castle and was very rich. He could do whatever he wanted, and he did whatever he wanted.

As they often say in fairy tales: “With power comes responsibility.”

To be a great leader, a monarch must have a good and compassionate heart, which unfortunately was missing in our Prince. According to the story, the prince was shallow and heartless, judging by appearances and engaging in mindless activities.

One day a spiritual test had arrived in a shape of an old ugly woman. Since there was no love in the Prince’s heart, he couldn’t pass the spiritual test of love and instead, was given a spiritual lesson to learn.

On the surface, in the story, the Prince’s unfortunate situation was named a “curse.” The Prince became a lonely beast in an enchanted castle, an ugly outcast himself.

From the spiritual point of view, what happened to the Prince was not a curse, but rather a blessing in disguise. The Prince was given an opportunity for spiritual soul growth. And by the way, the Prince deep inside had consented to this soul lesson.
So how does this first message of the movie relate to your life?

I named here several spiritual principles.

1. With power comes responsibility.

The Prince had a power, but he abused his power. He didn’t accept his responsibility as a leader.

  • Are you using your power responsibly?

2. “We will be tested and tried in all things.” 

We are often tested and tried to see if we learned our current spiritual lesson. The test always happens out of the blue, and we have no idea that it is a test. You just look at it as perhaps, unpleasant situation or a situation when you have to make a choice. Your choice will determine whether you passed the test or require a lesson to pass the test. The Prince was given a choice: not to judge by appearances and show a kind and merciful heart. Yet, he made an opposite choice. He didn’t pass the test.

  • Can you see whether you were presented with a spiritual test recently? Have you passed it or not?

3. A spiritual lesson. 

The Prince was turned into a Beast and was given specific terms to learn the lesson of love.
If we don’t pass a test, we are given a situation that will encourage, require or force our spiritual growth in that particular issue, which test we hadn’t passed earlier.

  • Are you going through some kind of lesson at this moment? If yes, what is it?

4. Never a “curse,” but a spiritual blessing containing a gift. 

Every difficult situation in your life is never a “curse,” even though it is often feels this way. It is actually, a spiritual blessing that contains a gift. Unfortunately, to reach that promised gift, we have to go through the unpleasant situation and oftentimes, even to suffer through.

Even a death of a person you dearly loved is often a blessing, a gift to the live people because death is a very powerful catalyst for spiritual growth if you don’t resist it.

In the Beauty and the Beast, the Prince’s new condition was named a curse. But the truth is it was exactly what the Prince needed to grow a new heart: compassionate and kind. He was given his own medicine to swallow.

  • Have you recently named any of your situations a “curse”? Most likely, you didn’t call it exactly the curse, but you gave it some other name, such as misfortune, obstacle, trouble, challenge, difficult situation, etc. What is it?

5. What you resist persists.

At the beginning, when Belle appeared, the Beast had a bad temper and didn’t want to even try to be nice and kind. Only when he stopped resisting, things changed into his favor.

  • Have you been recently resisting any unpleasant situation? If yes, can you stop resisting now?

6. Every situation is our initiation in love.

It doesn’t matter money or relationship or health. It is all about accepting and loving.

  • If you are struggling with a difficult situation, this is your personal initiation in love.

7. Divine only gives you what you can handle.

At first, it seemed impossible that the Beast hidden in a standalone castle hidden behind a forest covered in snow in June would even have a chance to meet his true love. And yet, when time came, Belle showed up herself! The Beast didn’t even need to go and look for her.

  • What is it in your life that seems impossible right now?
  • Can you remind yourself that Divine only gives us what we can handle?
  • Does it feel better already?

What if we put these principles into a situation that gives money stress and debt?
If you have been living in money stress and feeling “never enough” money to go around and pay off all your debts, consider these spiritual principles.

1. With power comes responsibility:

Money yields tremendous power. If we don’t exercise responsibility when handling money, we reap disastrous results.
Employees of credit card departments of bank can attest that the higher a person has a credit limit, the higher balance the card usually carries. With money comes responsibility.

If you never have enough money that means somewhere deep inside your subconscious mind you reject the money. And if we go even deeper, the answer of misused or abused power and responsibility usually lies in past lives.

2. “We will be tested and tried in all things.” 

If suddenly, you find yourself in a difficult money situation, usually, it is a spiritual test. Have you learned all your spiritual lessons regarding power and responsibility yet?

3. A spiritual lesson. 

If not, the situation gets worse before it gets better. That is usually a time to stop resisting, accept, bless and release. It’s easier said than done, but that’s the way spiritual lessons work. Every situation is our initiation in love.

4.Never a “curse,” but a spiritual blessing containing a gift. 

Your debt and your lack of money is never a “curse,” even though often it feels like it. We could call it a challenge, a trouble, a problem, but it is the same as the old word “curse.”

5. What you resist persists.

Keep resisting and fighting with your money problem and your debts, you will get even into a bigger debt. When someone hates IRS and taxes, he or she gets into a bigger tax debt hole.

6. Your debt and money stress is “initiation in love.”

7. Divine only gives you what you can handle. It’s like in a video game. You start easy, and the more experience you get and the longer you are playing, the harder levels will become and more obstacles will show up on your hero’s path. No one’s lesson exceeds the level of difficulty they wouldn’t be able to pass.

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