Angel of Wealth


This true story is for those who love to receive and interpret signs from the Universe.

One day, out of the blue, I felt a strong pull to go to a particular store to pick up a beautiful journal. I asked my 6-year old daughter to go with me. It’s important for the sake of the story to notice that I go to that store very rarely, so it wasn’t an ordinary occurrence, but I followed the internal pull.

When my daughter and I entered the store, on the way to the journals, we found Christmas decorations. Again, it’s important to notice that I never usually see or buy any Christmas decorations at that store. Once again, it was an unusual occurrence for me, and the decorations were right on our path. We could have easily choose another isle to walk.
My daughter and I liked the decorations and happily filled up the whole cart. Among several items that we picked that evening was a beautiful angel.

When we returned home and unpacked our new decorations, again, I felt a strong feeling that I needed to bring this angel to my office and put it at a specific place. I didn’t argue with my feelings and just followed the internal pull.
Only the next day, when I had the urge to go and look at my new angel (I didn’t really need to look at other decorations that morning), it dawned on me what had just happened…

Three days prior I was writing to my personal Angel of Wealth. As I am sure you know, there are angels of abundance, prosperity angels and of course, angels of wealth. You can easily communicate with an angel of your choosing. So periodically, I write to my Angel of Wealth.

However, this time I didn’t just write the usual stuff, but I decided that I wanted to see the Angel of Wealth. So I requested that my Angel of Wealth show up in front of me and make it unmistakable that it is this specific angel.
Of course, I know that angels are pure light and don’t have physical bodies. Angels are messengers or thoughts of God.
Yet I decided that if Moses saw a burning bush, my Angel of Wealth would come up with a way of presenting herself to me. And mind you, I was absolutely sure that my request would be granted.

I have wrote my request to my Angel of Wealth and let it go. Two days passed and nothing happened, until the third day when my daughter and I decided to go to that particular store and saw the Christmas decorations.
Here is what I saw that next morning… My angel figure stood next to my directional sign that I used at my last live event. The signs read The Ultimate Wealth (the name of my live event).

I looked at the angel and a distinct thought ANGEL came to my mind. Then I read the word WEALTH on the sign and it dawned on me: The ANGEL of WEALTH was right in front of me! Per my bold request, she found the way to present herself to me in a physical form (as an angel figurine) and made it unmistakable (“wealth” on the sign).
Not only my personal angel of wealth communicated with me clearly, she also came straight to my house. I was out of myself feeling very happy. Would you?

Here is my angel wish for you: If you haven’t done it yet, why not to choose your own angel? It could not only be an Angel of Wealth, a Prosperity Angel, an Abundance Angel, but it can also be an Angel of Radiant Health, an Angel of Radiant Relationship, an Angel of Success. Start communicating with your angel and ask for this angel to show up. If you have a story how your angel showed up for you, please contact me on my website, and I will video interview you to share your story.