9 Lessons That I’ve Learned About Myself and My Business While Walking On Sharp Glass


I am not sure who the author of this quote, but it’s well known:

How you do anything is how you do everything.

My interpretation: We humans act out of habit, and we act out of the same habits in life as in business. So I decided to apply this principle “How you do anything is how you do everything” to my experience of working on sharp shards of glass as a business exercise at a mastermind I was a member of at that time. To my happy surprise I saw that I usually behave in business the same way I was behaving while walking on glass. Here is what I’ve learned.


There were small individual pools, full of sharp shards of glass, we were supposed to step into assigned to each of us pool and take ONLY 4 steps forward.
We decided on the most important business goal, wrote it on a card and placed the card on the ground at the end of the pool. Symbolically, we were walking on glass towards our major goal. This walk represented our business.

Lesson 1: You have a choice: to undertake the challenge or remain an observer.

Our participation was expected and strongly encouraged, but we were not obligated. In my mind, the choice was simple: I simply had to do it no matter what I was feeling. Later I found out that a few people rejected this amazing opportunity and remained observers. They came up with excuses and talked themselves out of this great experience. Hmmm, how we do anything is how we do everything.

Applied Lesson 1:

If you are faced with a big project or a new step in your business, you have a choice: to undertake this challenge or keep observing how other people do big things and pass you on the road. Check your excuses for not doing something you need to do.

Lesson 2: Once you made a choice, take an action, even if you are extremely scared.

Because I have never walked on glass before (There is always first time, right?), I was terrified. I felt so nervous and scared that I became nauseated. There were approximately 120 people in attendance, and it looked like many felt the same as I did. So here we were: a crowd of nervous, scared and nauseated people.
There was nothing new for me in this department: All my life I have been scared of doing things, and all my life I would go through my fear and do these things anyway. And as usual, there was no question for me to do or not to do. I stood in line and used my favorite technique of being one of the first people walking on glass so I could get over it as fast as I could.

Applied lesson 2:

Imagine, your inspiration says, do a live event, but you are replying, “I am not ready,” I don’t have enough reach!” “I cannot do it.” These are all excuses to talk yourself out of an amazing experience that is intended to propel you forward so you can start “feeling ready,” “you will have enough reach” and “you can do” it in the future.

Lesson 3: Once you started, take one step at a time, and a miracle will happen.

To arrive to my destination (my written goal at the end of the glass pool) successfully, I had to take one step at a time, ONLY FOUR times. So I did and a miracle happened! All my fear, nervousness and nausea were completely gone, evaporated once I made my very first step! I realized that I was actually enjoying my walk tremendously! It was such an amazing discovery for me.

Applied lesson 3:

Once you commit yourself to the process and start taking one step at a time, you will find out that all your fears are gone. You will start feeling that you can do it! And usually, you don’t have time to feel fear anyway because you will be so busy taking an action.

Lesson 4: Focus!

I focused on my first step, and the world stopped existing. All my energy was directed to the task at hand (or at “foot,” I can say). It was my concentration that made my walk not only possible but also successful. All I saw was the glass, my destination and one very focused step at a time.

Applied lesson 4:

When you focus, all your energy will be directed to your project one step at a time, ensuring your success.

Lesson 5: Go above and beyond!

When you have done everything you needed to do, why not to take additional step, to go above and beyond of what’s required? You will get even closer to your goal! I enjoyed the process so much that I managed to take the 5th step that was not required. I got closer to my destination and had fun at the same time.

Applied lesson 5:

What if you do more by going above and beyond when dealing with your customers and clients? Will it help your business? I bet!

Lesson 6: Support others.

As I was one of the first people walking on glass, I had plenty of time to cheer and support others. Praising and encouraging others as they were undertaking their glass journeys felt exhilarating! The air of camaraderie was in the air, and I know this energy helped many and created some very positive Karma. Remember, you cannot accomplish any grand task without others helping you. Well, pay your Karma forward by

lifting others as you climb.

(“Lift as you climb” is a motto of eWomen network, and it is right on the money!)

Applied lesson 6:

Entrepreneurship is often cited as a lonely journey. When you give first, you attract ethical JV partners, great teams, amazing customers and clients and a loyal network; and as a result, you will never feel alone.

Lesson 7: After you have reached your destination by completing your project, stop and celebrate!

After I took my 5th step and jumped out of the glass pool, I felt a surge of unadulterated happiness and exhilaration. I was jumping up and down, laughing and generally feeling very good. In my mind, my goal was achieved. We all lit white candles and we celebrated!

Applied lesson 7:

Remember the time when you completed your studies at a college or university? What was next? I bet you said, “My job search was next. Wrong answer! The graduation ceremony was next! The graduation ceremony is an important moment when we stop, forget about our future for a moment, put on a cap and gown and give ourselves credit for accomplishing a worthwhile task. There is a reason for that!

Often, the business road seems so long and perilous. But it is long because we don’t take time to stop and celebrate our achievements. We set a goal, work hard to reach it, we accomplish this goal, and as soon as we got to the goal, we set another one. And the circle continues without a pause. All we see is hard work and desire for the next goal. Where is the celebration? Where is giving yourself a credit? Where is the satisfaction everyone longs for?

Lesson 8 for the leaders

As a leader, you are at the frontline. Extra strength and endurance is required because you agreed to be a role model, and a lot of distorted energy will be directed at you.
Our mentor was the first to show us how to walk on glass, and she was one of a very few (as far as I know) to cut her foot on a glass shard. The cut didn’t faze our leader. She finished her walk, lit the candle, and then she took care of her small wound.

I believe that the reason she cut herself was this: She was the first to walk in front of a 120 people, many of whom were scared. Inadvertently, we all directed our fear towards her walking. The combination of our number of people (120 is a lot of people), a fact that fear is a very powerful emotion and a fact that this powerful emotion of fear was focused and directed straight at the leader created a very distorted stream of energy. This negative force influenced the leader to cut her foot.

Applied lesson 8.

As a leader, you are exposed to all kinds of distorted energy: fear, envy, greed, desire to take advantage of you, anger, etc. You have to stay strong in your power to withstand the stream of this energy, accept it and transmute it into the positive energy of light. Energy currents are invisible, but they are definitely real.

Lesson 9 (The most important lesson of all!)

When I was about to start my walk, I was not alone. Two people held me by my arm and several people were cheering me up, encouraging and guiding. I started walking surrounded by people, I walked surrounded by people and I finished surrounded by people.

Applied Lesson 9:

They say that it is very lonely behind your computer if you are an entrepreneur. Obviously, it is already a cliché, but you are never alone. Not only you have friends and family, hopefully, supporting you, but you also have your invisible entourage of light: Your Higher Self, your supporting angels, your spirit guide and your master teachers from the Council of Masters. Maybe you are unaware of them, but they are silently present, watching, ready to help.

All you need to do is ASK! You can ask the Divine to be your partner, co-creator with you in business and watch how it will happen. If you have been feeling alone, this reminder is something worth considering!

I was very pleased with my walking on glass experience and with what I have discovered about myself and my business. I encourage you to experience something out of your comfort zone and then reflect on how you will apply this principle

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Most likely, you will discover positive characteristics that you’ve never given yourself credit for. And now it’s time to give yourself a well-deserved credit!