3 Steps to Stop Judging Others & Self: A Great Message From the Movie Shack


One day last year I got a Divine idea to host a video Summit on busting money fears. Before that moment, I didn’t think about creating a Summit and wouldn’t have thought about it after. But when Divine speaks, I usually listen (At least, I hope that I listen.) So the Divine idea was to create a video Summit.

I got very excited and set to work. It took me 3 months of intensive labor. I needed to create a website, all marketing materials, come up with exact idea and a structure, find experts, interview them and do many other things. It was an incredible amount of work. The Summit was free. Not only I have done all the work for free, but I also paid money to create graphics and the website structure.


Finally, the Summit was on. Very soon I got an email from a person who gave me her blessings. I was happy and excited. The Summit, I knew, was already helping people.

And then in a public comment section, we received a comment from a person who didn’t have time to watch any but perhaps, one or two interviews because the comment appeared on the first day of the Summit.

In the comment there was not a single word of “thank you” for this free event. On the contrary, there was a judgment that gave a clear idea that this person assumed that the Summit was going to be “below” her “spiritual level” and she demanded us to tell her if all interviews would be the same basic so “she wouldn’t waste her time.”

When I read it, I have thanked the person for the comment, explained why we used stories and left it at that.

This judgment hurt because I spent three full months creating the Summit, invested my time and resources, invited and organized people and made the event completely free and running for the whole month.

This person didn’t take time to consider any of our efforts and the fact that she received the Summit as free opportunity.

Why am I sharing this? Because this incident made me look at MYSELF and my life. It was an opportunity for me to see how I was doing in the “judgmental” department.

We all like to imagine how great and spiritual we are, but do we apply actual spiritual principles into our daily routines? If this person were on a spiritual level she claimed she was on, it would never occurred to her to waste her precious time condemning someone’s efforts to make the world a better place, and by this act actually condemning herself, because “Don’t judge, so you won’t be judged.”

Talking about this perfected ability to judge in all of us, I hope you had an opportunity to watch a movie Shack that recently came on. A friend of mine mentioned this movie, and I immediately knew I had to see it. Little did I know how powerful my movie adventure would turn out.

The main character of the movie Mack experiences a tragedy, and then he receives an incredible opportunity to spend a weekend with God, Jesus Christ and a Holy Spirit. In other words, Mack is going through the healing journey of acceptance, forgiveness and release.

From God Him/Herself Mack accepts step-by-step instructions and receives gradual realizations of what matters and how Divine works.

There comes the moment when Mack has to go into a cave to meet Wisdom, where he is supposed to look at “the bad and the ugly” in himself.

And Wisdom gives him a brilliant explanation on how we play God all day long, how we judge others without thinking, habitually, without even noticing it.

Wisdom explains, “We glance at others and instantly judge how they look: They are too thin. They are too fat. They are too ugly. They are too stupid.” This behavior is so engraved that many are simply unaware and do it automatically.

Finally, Wisdom brings to life images of Mack’s two children – a boy and a girl – and asks Mack to judge them. She says that one must go to hell and the other to heaven. But how will Mack choose?

How can he choose who will be condemned for eternity to hell and who will end up in heaven? Mack loves both children the same way, unconditionally. He begs Wisdom to spare the children and take him instead.

Wisdom explains, “All humans are God’s children. How can God decide who is condemned if God loves all His children equally?”

In other words, God doesn’t judge and doesn’t condemn. What right do WE have to judge and condemn?

Mack must forgive the killer of his 7-year daughter. Imagine his anguish and suffering? And still, he must forgive the killer and release the memory to become free from his heavy burden that has been poisoning his life ever since the tragedy happened.

This killer is the same child of God as Mack is. And so is Mack’s daughter and all of us. Who are we to judge if God Himself/Herself doesn’t judge?

From my long professional and personal experience in the field of spiritual healing and growing, I know this for sure: We only judge others in the same measure in which we judge ourselves. Every time you judge someone, it is usually something that you are not accepting in yourself. Often it is something that is hidden deep in your subconscious mind.

Some are self-critical and don’t even notice it because of the long-standing habit. Others judge others extensively without realizing that they are judging themselves. Where do you stand in regards to judging yourself and others? Are you judging right now while reading my article? And if you try to rush saying, “No, I am not judgmental at all,” I suggest you to spend a week observing your words and thoughts, and you might be surprised. At least, all my clients are usually surprised and shocked when they do this revealing practice.

I am glad you read this article, but I encourage you to take the following simple steps to eliminate all judgment from your conscious mind.

  1. Become observant. Monitor your thoughts and words as they reveal the actual measure with which you judge yourself and others.
  1. Understand that when you judge others, it is a mask. You are hiding from yourself because judging yourself is the most painful business. “We are the worst self-critics,” as the saying goes.
  1. Find a way to change your habitual judgment. One of the tools is the following mantra that has worked miracles for me. I know that it can create miracles for you too. Here it is:

When I catch myself thinking something judgmental, I immediately think or say to myself: “Who am I to judge?” The desire to judge leaves me immediately, and I feel the sense of relief. At the beginning, you would have to say it all the time; but believe me, this mantra is worth the effort.

There is a Litmus test that I suggest you use constantly. A wise mystic said, “Your words must ONLY heal, bless and prosper.” So when you speak and even think, apply this formula. Is what you are thinking and saying healing, blessing and prospering? Or is it judging, condemning and cursing?

This formula is a great eye opener!

Of course, there is the fourth step in stopping judging oneself and others, which is the most important:

  1. To go inside into the subconscious mind.
  2. To find out the reason why you judge yourself.
  3. To remove the course.

And that’s easier said than done. Do you want to continue this conversation, but one on one?

If you judge others, you judge yourself.

if you judge yourself, you have a very low self-worth and I am sure, it affects your business, finances and life.

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