3 Major Areas of Pain & Limitation That Many Overlook . Do You Ignore Them Too?


Part 2 of The Truth About Wealth and Satisfaction Series

 1. Money: There is often a strong fear

Money is limited.  It’s here today, gone tomorrow.

The opposite outcome would be:

I feel safe and free. 


  1. Satisfaction: Opportunities are limited.

I have to find security and hold on to it. I will sacrifice my satisfaction in favor of security.

The opposite outcome would be:  

I follow my soul purpose, and it gives me great satisfaction.


  1. The Easy Way: There is a prevailing belief that

ONLY hard work, struggle and sacrifice lead to success.

The opposite outcome would be: 

I am in a flow of life, and the Universe helps me accomplish my goals without struggle and strain.   


In other words, we all want

  1. Plenty of money to buy what we want and feel free.
  2. Satisfaction from what we do for a living, knowing that we are leaving a legacy in the world while really loving what we do.
  3. The way how we work:  We will work a lot, but we don’t have to struggle and suffer.  Opportunities are all around.  Our efforts can be smooth and easy.

In short, we all want Wealth and Satisfaction the Easy Way™.  But how can we achieve seemingly impossible?

I spent more than 20 years searching for answers how to be prosperous and satisfied at the same time and how to stop struggling and fighting for my place under the sun. I found out that there is only ONE way to achieve what I wanted:

I had to change my CONSCIOUSNESS!

I’ve learned that The Divine (The Universe) is the Source of All Material Things, including money.

In order to fully benefit from the fact that the Divine Is the Source of all material things, including money, you have to connect with the Source and keep your connection strong and MUTUAL.

In order to establish your two-way communication with the Divine, you must leave Deprivation Consciousness behind and enter Wealth Consciousness.

In my next video episode, I will talk about two types of consciousness: Deprivation and Wealth and the ONLY ingredient needed to accomplish the successful transition.

If you would like to receive my Radiant Mastery Blueprint: the roadmap of how to leave Deprivation Consciousness and move into Wealth Consciousness by raising your vibrational frequency, go here:  http:/radiantmastery.com